Thursday, March 31, 2011

Atlanta Select Wears - Point 3

Point 3 is evolution in basketball gear. Born from a need and refined through experience, the goal of Point 3 is to provide the basketball player with innovation that will allow them to be their best on the court.

Atlanta Select was selected by Point 3 to introduce its innovative basketball uniform to the nation. We are the first team in the nation to be outfitted with this innovative gear.

The Mighty Ninth Grade Boys RED Team, Head Coach Tony Burton, is the first Atlanta Select team and the first team in the nation to style this uniform.

Unique aspects of the uniform are: built in busted sweatbands on the shoulders for the player to wipe facial sweat and sweat absorbent bands on the shorts to keep the hands dry. The Point 3 patent is DRYV Moisture Control.

Other Atlanta Select teams will be sporting the Point 3 SAK. Gym bags are too big, Book bags don't fit your rock and your pockets can't hold everything. Enter the SAK. With an opening designed to fit around the basketball it provides just enough room to get all the extra in there., but not too much space to slow the player down from getting to the court and calling next. It has an elastic beverage holder, a pocket for the IPOB and keys and a reinforced bottom for extra durability.
The Mighty Tenth Grade Boys SILVER and the Mighty Tenth Grade Boys PRIME will be sporting the new Point 3 SAKS this weekend at the YBOA Gwinnett Roundball Classic.

Atlanta Select beleives that taking it to the next level is more than in one area. We believe we must be top in Education, and Education always comes first. We believe we must be top in Life Skills training. We want to outline the paths to success. We believe we must be top in Sports promotion, because it is all about EXPOSURE. Plus we must Look Good. Go Select.

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