Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Select Nation NEWS, Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello Select Nation and Friends.

November is just about here. The third month of the new AAU/Youth basketball season. We are ahead of schedule in our planning. Thanks to all the forward looking coaches that are planning to exceed their goals from last year. It is amazing how many of you have locked in your schedules and developing your budgets for an aggressive season. Just Go Select!!!

I am announcing the theme for this year "PERSEVERANCE" "It's Hard to Beat a Person who Never Gives Up." We have worked extremely hard these last nine years. There were times that we faced many obstacles and haters. But we never gave up because we believed that "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy: Thus, we persevered. 

Two trophies all ready. Congratulations to Coach Milton Woods and Coach Darroll Lawson for a very successful preseason outing. They added two trophies to the 2014-15 Trophy Count. By the way our goal for the organization this season is 100 trophies. Only 98 more to go. Just 3 per team. A Man must have a goal.

Coach Woods and his Mighty 7th Grade COLLEGE Bound earned trophy status by winning the championship in a pre-season league. Instead of a trophy they were promised a free tournament. Coach Lawson and his Mighty 6th Grade RED team earned second place in College Park Fall league. Again, Congratulations.

Pre-Season/Fall Leagues. I am advising you to be cautious and particular in your selection to play in these leagues. Many are poorly organized, not insured and questionable. They charge teams different amounts to play. They add you to the schedule with hearsay. No awards are given for championship play. It is all about the money. I do encourage you to keep your players busy, but be careful. I do not want you to get ripped off. 

New Head Coach and Team. I am proud to  announce that Coach Chandler Scott "Coach Chan" has joined the Select Nation. Coach Chan has lead teams, as a member of the ASA organization, to two National AAU rankings as his teams finished sixth and third at the AAU Nationals the last two years, respectively. He will lead the Mighty Atlanta Select 4th Grade BLACK Team. We welcome him and I am asking all of you to contact him and offer your support. He may be reached at 678-575-9683. Just Go Select!

Returning CoachesWelcome Coaches Wallace Lanier and Dionne Mason, two former  "Select Nation Coach of the Year" coaches that lead successful lead teams until 2013 and and took a break. They plan to team up together and form the Mighty 5th Grade Lady Select WHITE. Watch out! These two coaches have sent the most Select Student-Athletes to next level than any other coach in the organization to include both of their sons.

The Current Line Up of Select Nation teams for the 2015 season.

1.  Coach Keith Jackson = Mighty 8U Grade SOUTH SIDE.
2.  Coach Jesse Baskerville = Mighty 9U Grade SILVER.
3.  Coach Raynal Harris = Mighty 10U Grade RED.
4.  Coach "Chan" Scott = Mighty 10U Grade BLACK 2023.
5.  Coach Andre Mandeldove = Mighty 10U Grade Lady Select BLACK.
6.  Coach Lanier and Coach Mason = 11U Grade Lady Select WHITE.
7.  Coach Andre Mandeldove = Mighty 12u Grade Lady Select SILVER.
8.  Coach Douglas Burks = Mighty 12U Grade PRIME.
9.  Coach Coach Darroll Lawson = Mighty 12U Grade RED.
10. Coach Travis Lee = Mighty 13U Grade RED Elite.
11. Coach Brain Frazier = Mighty 13u Grade SILVER.
12. Coach Antoino Spivey = Mighty 13u Grade GRAND.
13. Coach Milton Woods = Mighty 13u Grade COLLEGE BOUND.
14. Coach Tyrell Mccrae = Mighty 13u Grade Lady Select RED.
15. Coach Chase Hines = Mighty 14U Grade RED.
16. Coach Michael Johnson = Mighty 14U Grade COLLEGE BOUND.
17. Coach Thompson and Coach Stephens = Mighty 14U Grade BLACK Elite.
18. Coach Jamalh Wallace = Mighty Middle School Team
19. Coach Dwayne Hall and Coach Jason "JayBee" Brown Mighty Middle School Team.
20. Coach Howard = Mighty 15U/9th Grade Augusta Lady Select BLACK.
21. Coach Kevin Morris = Mighty 15U/9th Grade BLACK.
22. Coach Tony Burton = Mighty 15U/th Grade RED.
23. Coach Jason Ricker = Mighty 16U/10th Grade CLASSIC.
24. Coach Odell Ferrell = Mighty 16U/10th Grade RED.
25. Coach Tony Hill = Mighty 10th Grade SILVER.
26. Coach Andre Mandeldove = Mighty 16U/10th Grade Lady Select PLATINUM.
27. Coach Mark Gates = Mighty 17U/11th Grade BLACK CLASSIC
28. Coach Gary Glenn = Mighty 17U/11th Grade PRO.
29. Coach James Mays = Mighty 17U/11th Grade BLACK
30. Coach Dwane Hall and Coach Jason Brown = 17U/11th Grade PRIME. 
31. Coach Jamalh Wallace and Coach Phillip Venson =17U/11th Grade VISION.

We have most age groups in the boys division covered. Waiting for confirmation of a 4th Grade boys head coach. We have some vacancies in the the girls division, especially 5th, 8th and 11th.

Returning Coach Bobbi Norman. Coach Norman is returning after taking a leave of absence to monitor family matters. However, Coach Norman has been a loyal coach for many years. We are glad to have her back active. She is willing to support any team in need of an assistant. You may contact Coach Norman at (4040 581-2420.

Senior Select Nation Head Coach Eugene Sanders. A shout out to Coach Sanders who has been with the Select Nation since the beginning. He has served as a Head Coach and for the last several years he has assisted several coaches in developing their teams. Presently, he is serving as Assistant Coach with Coach Tony Burton. Feel free to call on Coach Sanders for knowledge and wisdom of youth sports. 

AAU Has A New President, Roger GoudyDr. Goudy who lives with his family in Madison, Ohio, is the first AAU President from Ohio since James A.Rhodes. He has been the Superintendent of the Madison County School District since 2008. Prior to that, he was the Director of Business Affairs at South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools for 10 years. On October 2nd 2014 he received an award from the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA) which is the Ohio Superintendents Association, for exemplary leadership as a  school superintendent . He has been volunteering with the AAU for over 35 years and has served on the board of directors as the National Volleyball Chairman for 23 years and the National Secretary for 6 consecutive terms.
President Goudy, whose campaign slogan boasted a “New Day” for the AAU, is looking forward to launching the organization into the future.
'I've always been part of the AAU," said Goudy. "My entire family has been involved for the past several years, as athlete members, volunteers and beyond and I believe we will always continue to be part of it. My son, Brian, is the Lieutenant Governor of the Lake Erie district. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with the AAU’s wonderful staff and hundreds and thousands of volunteers across the country.'
One of his first major plans that will be ongoing throughout his tenure as President is to restructure and repair relationships with organizations such as Disney, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the National High School Sports Federation and the NCAA.

Changes in Rules for Team Selection. AAU Headquarters are making some changes on who can play on what team. Organizations have been cheating by stacking unauthorized or quasi eligible players on teams. The Grade Exception has been bastardized. Parents holding their children back a grade just to make a so called elite team. Coaches encouraging this practice. Sad. A few years ago AAU established Grade first and then age. It is returning to age only for 9U to 14U and 15U/9th Grade and above. In other words age first and grade second. A more narrow range for Grade Exception. Select Nation teams are to begin following these rules in their recruiting. These rules are not published yet but will be. As soon as I receive more information it will be provided. This is AAU rules, but I am sure other organizations will follow suit. Lets organize to play AAU and we can make exceptions as necessary to play in other organizations, if need be. Will keep you informed.

Life Skills and Community Action. This past weekend, Coaches Johnson and Woods with their parent, players and friends participated in a Cancer Walk activity. Highlights of their participation are posted on our web site. These coaches have been very proactive in getting their teams involved in these types of activities. Team Parent Coordinators should spearhead these actions under the Head Coaches' guidance and support. You know we are more than basketball. Life Skills is an equal partner in our program mandate with EDUCATION and SPORTS. Kudos to the COLLEGE BOUND families.

We have a lot going on. Why? We are the Select Nation. We are not just another Youth Basketball organization. We Are Select!!!


Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

TRYOUTS - The Mighty Atlanta Select 4th Grade (10U) BLACK Elite Team

Tryouts for Atlanta Select 10U Coach Chan will be held Sunday, Nov. 2   4:00PM-6:00PM

Browns Mill Recreation Center 5101 Browns Mill Road, Lithonia, GA 30038

Latest progress report must be submitted to participate in tryout (Please be advised that if your child's grades are below standards, they WILL NOT be able to participate) Also, any kid who makes this team will be required to join a 4th grade Boys Book Club that the team will be a part of. Hope to see you Nov. 2...Thanks.

Feel free to contact Coach Chan at (678) 575-9683, 
email: cscottatl73@gmail.com

Just Go Select!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Atlanta Select New Head Coach and Team

Atlanta Select proudly presents Head Coach Chandler Scott (Coach Chan) who will lead a Mighty Fourth Grade team as part of the Select Nation.

Coach Chan has proven himself as a seasoned coach who lead teams in the past two years to sixth (2013) and third (2014) place national AAU championships, respectively.

His motivation is to enforce sound educational principles, promote meaningful life lessons and teach fundamental and advance basketball skills, all in accord with Atlanta Select's mandate of Education, Life Skills and Sports.

Coach Chan will be holding "TRYOUT" very soon.
Feel free to contact Coach Chan at (678) 575-9683, 
email: cscottatl73@gmail.com.

Just Go Select!!!