Sunday, April 20, 2014

Champs Again - Mighty 6th Grade SILVER

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select Sixth Grade SILVER Team - Champs - Georgia Shock Tournament, Saturday, Apr 19, 2014. This is their third trophy for the season. Coach Frazier and his crew are on a roll. Just Go Select!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Win of the Weekend - First Trophy of the Weekend.

Congratulations to the Mighty Fifth Grade PRIME Team. They won the first game played by a Select team this Easter Weekend and now they have earned the first trophy by a Select Team this weekend. Head Coach Burks can be justifiably proud of his 
Confident, Aggressive and Relentless team, SYNERGY in Action. 
Runner-up in the Georgia Shock Tournament. 
This is their second trophy of the season. 
Two tournaments - two trophies. 
Just Go Select!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

First Win of the Weekend - The Mighty PRIME

The Mighty 5th Grade PRIME Team won their first game in a Georgia Shock tournament Friday night. The is the first win by a Atlanta/Savannah/Augusta Team for the weekend.

The team under the leadership of Head Coach Doug Burks is on a roll with a plan to earned their second trophy of the season.

Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Congrats - Delmont M Walton - Moving to the Next Level

Atlanta Select gathered with the Family, Friends and Fans of Delmont M Walton on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 as he signed a "Letter of Intent" to attend Chattanooga State Community College on an athletic scholarship. 

Delmont, a senior at Stephenson High School in Dekalb County, distinguished himself as a star student and athlete. He played for the Atlanta Select Mighty RED team under the leadership of Head Coach Tony Burton.

The Mighty RED team participated in the major showcase tournaments last season providing Delmont the opportunity to showcased his talents in front of college scouts and recruiters.

He thoroughly demonstrated that he was a key player on his high school and AAU team. Now he is taking his talents to the next level. 
This Fall he will join the Mighty "Tigers".

We join his family, friends and fans in wishing Delmont a successful college career on the hardwood and in the classroom. 

We are proud of Delmont and thank him and his family for being dedicated and loyal supporters of the Atlanta Select program. We are confident that he will be very successful in his college career. All we can say ...
Chattanooga, a member of the Select Nation is Coming!!!.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Select Teams in Action This Weekend, Apr 11 - 13, 2014

19 Atlanta Select Teams in Action this Weekend.

Coach McCrae and the Mighty Lady Selects (2 Teams) will be participating in our "Winner Takes All" tournament in Cobb County.

Coaches Venson (11th CLASSIC), Hall (11th PRIME), Hill (9th SILVER), Mays (10th BLACK) and Powell (11th SILVER) in the Norman Parker Showcase at Suwannee.

Coach Lawson (5th RED) at the AAU District/State Tournament in LeGrange GA.

Coach Johnson (7th COLLEGE BOUND) and Coach Woods (6th COLLEGE BOUND) in the Knoxville Spring Fling in Knoxville TN.

Coach Lee (11th RED Elite) at KnoxVegas at Knoxville TN.

Coach Burton (8th RED) playing up in the 9th division at Joyce Fox Memorial YBOA Tournament. 

Coach AC Christopher (8th SILVER East) playing in the Joyce Fox Memorial YBOA Tournament.

Coach Frazier (6th SILVER) at the West Georgia Spring Shootout in Villa Rica.

Coach Glenn (10th PRO) Playing PQSports Hardwood Challenge.

Coach Ferrell (9th RED) & (10th RED) playing in the Tournament R Us tournament dividing his team to play in both the 9th and 10th grade divisions, Douglasville, GA. 

Coach Morris (8th BLACK) playing D1Spects in Atlanta.

Coach Ricker (9th CLASSIC) Paying Primetime Sportz tournament at Stone Mountain.

The Select Nation is Everywhere

Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Select Nation Tees - For Family, Friends and Fans of the Select Nation

Thank all our family,  friends and fans for supporting the Select Nation.

To purchase a Select Nation T-shirt see a Select Coach.
Sizes youth small to 5X, female styles and sizes are available. An Eastbay quality product.

Just Go Select!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2-0 in Tournament Play, Will Play on Sunday

They say, if you play on Sunday you are having a very good tournament. And if you play in the last game on Sunday you are having a great tournament. And if you win the last game on Sunday you are champions. 

Go for it the Mighty Atlanta Select Fifth Grade RED Team. Just Go Select!!!

Still Undefeated - Just Go Select

Still undefeated in tournament play this weekend. The Mighty Atlanta Select 7th Grade COLLEGE BOUND in a tournament at West Georgia University and the Mighty Atlanta Select 11th Grade CLASSIC at the Future 150.

Big Win at Big Shots

The Mighty 11th Grade Atlanta Select SILVER in their first major tournament of the season had a Big Win in their first game at Big Shots. Won by 24. Just Go Select!!!

Tough Game - But Looking Good.

Atlanta Select BLACK 8732 in tough game this morning losing to Team Thad by 4 points. 76 - 80. They are now 1 - 1 in tournament play. EXPOSURE Baby.