Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Number 4 (Trophy) for the Weekend. - Mighty Atlanta Select 13u Lady Select RED

 Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 13u Lady Select RED
Champions at the Battle at the Beach, Panama City, Florida
Just Go Select!!!

Just Do It Ladies.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Number 3 (Trophy) for the Weekend - The Mighty Atlanta Select 15u RED

Congratulations to the Mighty  Atlanta Select 15u RED
Just Go Select!!!

Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Number 2 (Trophy) for the weekend - The Mighty Atlanta Select 11u BLACK 2022

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select BLACK 2022 
- Champions -
 Innerman Rebels "Best of the South"!

Just Go Select!!!

Number 1 (Trophy) for the weekend - Mighty 16u Atlanta Select RED

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 16u RED team. Runner-up in the Gold Division at Big Shots Atlanta. This is the first Atlanta Select 16u team to reach the Big Shots Gold championship game. History. Kudos to Coach Odell Ferrell and his mighty team. 

Just Go Select!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Select Nation's New Head Coach & Team - Mighty Atlanta Select Roswell Bombers.

Atlanta Select proudly announce the addition of a new head coach and team to the Select Nation. Head Coach James Krantz will lead the Mighty Atlanta Select 9u Roswell Bombers.

Coach Krantz has a success record in which his 9u team, this season, has earned a total of four trophies participating in highly competitive tournaments. 

His goal is to teach basic and advance basketball skills in addition to Life Skills that prepare these young men to be a force in this competitive world.

He has coordinated closely with our Mighty Atlanta Select SYNERGY Select and have agreed to join forces to expand Select operations.

We welcome this talented team to the Nation and we thank Coach Krantz for joining forces.

Feel free to contact Coach Krantz at (404) 431-3775.

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

HBO Special Featuring an Atlanta Select Player - Tonight, Monday, May 18, 9 PM.

 Attention Select Nation Family, Fans and Friends. Your attention is directed to an HBO Special premiering tonight at 9 PM, Southern Rites. It is a contemporary story of life in our United States. The young man (Jaquan Peeples) pictured above has close ties with one of our Atlanta  Select coaches.  He was a member of Atlanta Select for 4 years and had a solid career playing with the organization. Watch the story and begin the discussion.

My Name is Kevin A. Bruce, Jr. I am an Atlanta Select. I am an Entrepreneur.

My name is Kevin A. Bruce, Jr. and I am an Honor Roll student, an athlete, and a 10-year old entrepreneur.  I am the Founder and Creator of KB BALL, an all-sports and educational t-shirt line.  KB BALL - Knowledge.Believe.Achieve.Lifelong.Lessons.  As a student athlete, I believe that school work comes first.  Sports doesn't mean a thing if you are not making good grades.  I pride myself on being the best I can be...in school and in sports.  I have been recognized by the AAU organization for being one of the “Top Basketball players of AAU 2014”. 

My inspiration for starting this t-shirt line was my love for sneakers.  My desire was to start a sneaker line first, but my mother, however, thought I needed to be focused on my education and wait until I was older.  I have always wanted my own business and I convinced her to let me start a t-shirt line for kids instead. She told me I needed a good concept, product, brand and money.

In creating the concept for my t-shirts, I knew that I wanted my initials to be a part of my logo and  brand.  My mom told me it had to make sense and it also had to do with education.  Due to my love of all sports, I added BALL (Believe.Achieve.Lifelong.Lessons) to my initials. I want to teach kids that you can be anything you want to be if you have Knowledge and Believe in God and what you want to achieve in life. Education is a Lifelong Lesson, just like all sports. You will always know how to play the game, but you must keep learning lessons in order to get better. 

Starting this t-shirt line has not been easy.  I had to get help from my parents.  Both of my parents helped me develop the business and the brand.  My father helped me with my logo design.  I told him the idea I had for my first shirt and he helped draw it.  After a few changes, he was able to make me happy. After getting it copyrighted and trademarked, I am able to tell my story and start production.  I have several t-shirt designs available in a four (4) ball series, which includes Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Football.  Look out for more designs to come!

Select Nation NEWS, Monday, May 18, 2015

Good Morning Select Family, Fans and Friends.

Another exciting weekend with Select Nation teams playing in tournaments throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro area. The teams earned 10 trophies to include the Runner - up trophy in the AAU District/State tournament. The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u PRO team with Head Coach Gary Glenn  can say for this year 2015, that they are Number 2 in the Georgia AAU State ranking. They defeated many of the top teams in the state losing only to Team Georgia Elite in the finals. Kudos to the mighty Atlanta Select 17u PRO.

Adding to the "Trophy Count" and earning their first trophy for the season was the Mighty Atlanta Select 13u READY, used to be called RED, with Head Coach Chase Hines. They were 4 -1 in tournament play finishing second in the championship game at a Georgia Tar Heels tournament. Congratulations to the Mighty READY team.

Brothers played brother in the championship game at the Hardwood Classic. The Mighty Atlanta Select 16u SILVER played the Mighty Atlanta Select BLACK in the championship game with the SILVER coming in first. These two teams practice together and play in the same tournaments. Sooner or later they would find themselves beating everyone else and advancing to the championship game. Congratulations to Coach Jaybee Brown (substituting for coach Tony Hill and Coach Elliot Hill for leading these two teams to the championship game.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 9u SYNERGY Select earned third place at the YBOA State Championship. Sporting their new uniforms the team has now earned bids to the YBOA and AAU nationals. Kudos to Coaches G and Baskerville for guiding this mighty team.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 16u RED Elite with Head Coach Odell Ferrel is winning championships every weekend. They are preparing for their trip to Kentucky and want to be on a winning streak. This weekend they will be playing Big Shots and hope to add again to the "Trophy Count".

The Mighty Atlanta 13u SILVER with Head Coach Brian Frazier has won their second YBOA trophy in a row. This team is Confident, Aggressive, Relentless and plays with a lot of SYNERGY. They are rapidly advancing in the "Trophy Count".

The COLLEGE Bound Teams, 14u and 13u added to the count. Coach Johnson and his 14u team and Coach Woods with his 13u team are solid winners, proving to all that they can compete on the highest levels. Both team did exceeding well in the Georgia Knockout tournament this weekend.

Earning the 10th trophy of the weekend was the Mighty 17u BLACK with Coach Mark Gates. No picture yet, but they have the reputation as winners. They proved it again in this week's Primetime Sports tournament.

The Trophy Count is 87:

Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 11
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 9
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 7
Coaches Keown & Elston - 11U Black 2022 = 6
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 6
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 6
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach Woods - 13U COLLEGE Bound = 5
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 4
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 4
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 4
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 3
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 2
Coach Thompson & Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 1
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Coach E. Hill - 16U BLACK = 1
Coach G. Glenn - 17U PRO = 1
Coach Hines - 13U READY = 1

We salute all the other teams that played their hearts out this weekend. Coach Lawson and his Mighty Atlanta Select 12u RED team were 3 -1 in tournament play but not allowed to advance to the finals even going 3 -0 in pool play. Scheduling and format layout is questionable at this Phillip Haynes tournament. This will be a top of discussion before our teams play again in his tournaments.

The Mighty Atlanta Select newest 17u team, Team FIRE, under the leadership of Head Coach Michael Leach, made their debut this weekend. With only six players they held their own in a USBA tournament. Kudos to this Mighty new team.

Coach Hall and his Mighty 14u PRIME played in the USBA tournament and played well. Coach Keown and Coach Elston and their Mighty 11u BLACK 2022 played up at the Georgia Cup and held their own.
Coach Harris and his Mighty 10u RED are working hard and gaining in experience.

Congrats to Coach JayBee Brown for earning his degree from Kennesaw State last week.

Coach Brown is demonstrating to all that Education comes first.

I learned this morning of the passing over the weekend of another former Atlanta Select coach, head coach Antonio Hill (No relationship to Coach Tony Hill). He coached some of our highly successful teams during the 200 8 - 20011 period. Our condolence goes out to both Coach Hill's and Coach Morris families. May they both Rest In Peace.

Take Care and have a great week.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u Team FIRE

The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u Team Fire with Head Coach Leach is the newest 17u team within the Select Nation. They made their debut this weekend in a USBA tournament. With only six players they held their own against teams with 15 -16 players. They were way out numbered and a little out match this weekend, but they are getting ready. You will see them on the circuit for the next several weeks. We wish them good luck because they have put in the hard work. The results will be positive. Just Go Select!!!

The Trophy Count, Number 10, 05/17/15

Runner - Up, PrimeTime Sports Tournament, 
The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u BLACK with 
Head Coach Gates.