Sunday, May 13, 2018

Atlanta Select NEWS - Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from The Atlanta Select Basketball Association.

To all mothers we wish you a special greeting. Even though this has been designated as your special day, but, as far as our concern, everyday of the year, you, as mothers are special.

Take is easy and enjoy the day, just take advantage of the extra love that is expresssed today.


We have to give it to Head Coach Burton our Coach of the Year for 2017. 
He is attending the Home Going services of his grandmother this weekend in Wiscousin.
She passed last week after reaching 97 years.

Coach Burton has so many special memories of his Nana and held her dear.  
His mother passed 10 years ago.
 Even afar Coach Burton is still sending guidance to his team that is playing this weekend being coached by his assistants.
 He has taken time to also send mother's day greeting to all Select mothers. 
We wish him a safe trip and we express our sincere condolences.


Coach JayBee Brown team also played this weekend even though he is attending the graduation from college of one of his former players, Dante Hibbert.

Coach Burton coached Dante 8 years ago along with former 
Atlanta Select Head Coach Jerry Vincent. 
Both of them traveled to Texas this weekend to be present at the successful presentations of honors for Dante.

Coach OJ (Olusegun Jolomi) recently indicated that his teams will rival the best teams within the Atlanta Select organization stating that the Lady Selects will no longer take top honors.
He is making efforts to make that happen. 
Two of his younger teams have qualified for the AAU Nationals.

And they are preparing to go, working hard and raising funds. 
They held a successful car wash on Saturday.

 The boys understood that nothing in life is free.
 If they want to go to the Nationals they have to work for it.
Coach OJ is leading they boys in the right direction.

Coach Houlder and the Mighty QUIET Storm teams are in South Carolina this weekend. 
I must say, what a traveling team. New York a couple of weeks ago and now at the beach in South Carolina. What a storm.


And of course Coach Q and the Mighty Heat are also playing this weekend at Lake Point.

All I can say, Again Happy Mother's day from Atlanta Select!!!

Other Select teams are playing this weekend. 
All of them wishes Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.

Just Go Select!!!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Atlanta Select Trophy Winner - The Quiet Storm BLACK

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 14U QUIET Storm BLACK.

Trophy Winner - 2K18 Main Event - Sunday, May 6, 2018.


Just Go Select

Monday, April 30, 2018

Atlanta Select Trophy Winner - Mighty 13u SILVER

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 7th Grade SILVER.

TROPHY Winner in the YBOA Douglasville Shootout.

Kudos to Head Coach "Shaka" Harris.

By the way the team has already qualified for the YBOA Nationals in Florida in July.

Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Atlanta Select 17u PRIME at the Atlanta Jam

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 17u PRIME with Head Coach Dwayne Hall 
on their successful performances during the two weekends of NCAA Certified events.

The team participated in the On The Radar  Sweet 16 Session I and The Atlanta Jam.
They finished with at 4 - 4 record.
Below are some of the highlights from the Atlanta Jam.

Jakeem Faulkner above is a do everything you need to type of player who averaged 14 pts, 7 rebounds, 2 blks and 2 steals a game during the Atlanta Jam.

 Dahmir Hawthorne hit some big three's this weekend making 8 3's.

 Quantavious Boykin played big in middle with 8 pts and 8 rbs a game. 

These two players together formed a nice backcourt 
Brison Dennis on the left 10 pts, 2 ast, 3 rbs per game and 
Brison Rockcliffe on the right averaged 8.5 pts, 4 ast/stls per game. 

Congratulations to these players and the entire PRIME team.

Just Go Select!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Atlanta Select in the BIG APPLE

The Mighty Atlanta Select QUIET STORM 14u and 15u teams did battle in 
the BIG APPLE, April 21-22, 2018.

Head Curtis Houlder who relocated to Atlanta from New York City a year ago decided that he wanted to take his Mighty Quiet Storm teams to experience
 playing teams from the northeast in New York City.

He scheduled his teams to play in the ZG Super Cup Big APPLE tournament, April 21 -22, 2018.

Both of his reams, the 8th grade 14u and 9th grade 15u teams, fared well in the tournament, both finishing on a positive note of 2-1 in tournament play.


In addition to playing in the tournament, Coach Houlder provided his players to experience the sights and sounds of the Big APPLE.

Report from Head Coach Houlder: The kids went to Dykman park where the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar played and lived in Washington Heights area. Also, we went to Rucker park where they played some 5 on 5 with the local kids and held there own. Rucker Park is where legends like Pee Wee Kirkland, Earl The Goat Manigault, Dr. J and all the legends played and conquered. Played in the cold and all. We went with the families to Time Square 42nd street and took multiple pictures. Tournament wise in the 8th and 9th-grade division we went 2-1 in both divisions. I was very proud of these young men they saw, came, earned New York City players, legendary Rucker players respect and took the city by Storm. Also, they got to see where coach grew up and was born and raised.

The teams visited the famous "Rucker" park.

And of course, they visited Times Square, Madison Square Garden and other major tourist attractions in the city.

Kudos to Coach Houlder for providing his teams with a new experience. 
They had the opportunity to play teams from the northeast, visit several sites within New York City and played on the courts at the famous Rucker Park. 
I am sure they will always remember this experience. 
They will have memories that will last a lifetime.

All I can say: Just Go Select!!!


Atlanta Select NEWS - Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from The Atlanta Select Basketball Association. To all mothers we wish you a special greeting. Even though t...