Monday, July 6, 2015

On a Mission - The Mighty 9u SYNERGY Select

The Mighty Atlanta Select 9u SYNERGY Select is on a mission to excel at the YBOA National Championship in Florida. The team has captured all the major accolades in Georgia and now is prepared to showcase them on the national level. The team had a tremendous season thus far with a 56 - 5 record capturing 15 trophies, leading the Atlanta Select organization. A hearty thanks to Coaches G Stewart and Baskerville for leading such a dynamic team.

Your are invited to follow their progress on this page as we track their activities at the nationals. Their Pool Schedule is below.

They left Atlanta on the 4th of July after a meeting and prayer with Coach Baskerville at his home.
They arrived at their living quarters relaxed and then went out to dinner.

They attended registration and got in a quick shoot around.

They were up early Monday morning, traveled to the gym location and participated in "warm-up' drills before their first game.

SYNERGY Select made the finals for individual and team  3point shooting contest.

Pictures from game one. Team won 51 - 17.

Stay tuned as we will be posting their progress and results on this page.

Just Go Select!!!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Atlanta Select Top Performer - Mr. Thornton

Tyler was evaluated by the Jason Pratt's team at the Southeast Championship held at 
Suwanee, GA June 26-28, 2015.

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jason Pratt's Evaluations of Atlanta Select Players. Southeast Championship

Several Atlanta Select players were highlighted by Jason Pratt at the PrimeTime Sports Southeast Championship, June 26 - 28 at Suwanee, GA.

Arrhen Fejokwa - Atlanta Select 16u RED Elite

Julian Cameron - Atlanta Select 16u BLACK

Rayhan Cobb - Atlanta Select 16u RED Elite
Featured as a top performer at the Southeast Championship.


Atlanta Select would also like to highlight Amir Patton (Number 2 below) who excelled at the tournament this weekend. The spot up keen shooter was instrumental in the overall success of the team this weekend.

And of course the team would not entered the medal round without the floor leadership of Odell Ferrell, Jr. (number 4 below) as profiled by Jason Pratt above. All we can say - 
Just Go Select!!!

Congratulations to all.

Just Go Select!!!


A Record Set. Select Nation NEWS, Monday, June 29, 2015

The Atlanta Select Basketball Association is in competition with itself. The goal is to do better than we have in the past. Whether it is to improve the skills of our student athletes or set records in achievement of organizational goals. Yes, we compete with other organization in tournaments, not so much to beat them down but to see if the skill levels of our student athletes are getting better. As our teams approach the ending of the 2015 AAU season we examine to see if we are better than we were yesteryear.  

Yes we are!!!

This is our tenth year of operations. We were organized in 2005, a few months after Hurricane Katrina.  Our goal was to have 3 Atlanta Select teams with about 30 - 40 student athletes and coaches. Each year we grew, until this current year we have over 30 teams with approximately 425 student athletes and coaches. Each year we have increased the number of student athletes qualifying for post high school athletic and academic achievement. In a review of our "Current NEWS" articles you would see our growth and achievement over the years. You are invited to review and decide for your self. We are confident that we are getting better and better.

 A milestone in trophies earned!!!

In the belief that "a man or woman must have a goal" we have set a goal of the number of trophies the organization should earned each season. The basic goal, that a team should play in at least eight tournaments per season and earn a chance to play in the championship game in three of those eight tournaments, resulting in a success record of 38%. With a projection of 33 Select teams participating this season the organizational trophy goal was 3 times 33 or 99 trophies to be earned by September 1, 2015.  We did better than that by achieving that goal by June 1, 2015. We established a new goal to achieve more trophies than have ever been earned by the organization, bypassing the previous goal of 121 achieved in the 2013/14 season.

We have done it, two months before the deadline of Sept 1, 2015!!!


Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 15
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 11
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 9
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 8
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 8
Coaches Keown  & Elston - 11u BLACK 2022 = 7
Coach Woods - 13U - COLLEGE Bound = 6
Coach Simmons - 8U Select 94 Feet = 6
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 6
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 5
Coach Krantz - 9U Select Roswell Bombers = 5
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 4
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 4
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 3
Coach Harris - 10U SILVER = 3
Coach Wallace - 14U Team VISION - 2
Coach Thompson/Coach Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach E. Hill - 16U BLACK = 2
Coach Hines - 14U READY = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 1
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Coach G. Glenn - 17U PRO = 1

Coach Hall - 14U PRIME = 1

Eight trophies were earned last weekend with the top achievement going to the Mighty 14U COLLEGE Bound with Head Coach Michael Johnson. The team earned third place at the USSSA National tournament at Cocoa Beach Florida. the team was 4 - 1, defeating the number one seeded team in the quarter-finals. Ran out of steam and losing in the semi-finals, but an outstanding achievement. Kudos to all.

Our youngest boys team and new to the organization in the last couple of month, the 8U Select 94 Feet, who will be called the Mighty Atlanta Select Future Stars, earned Runner-up status at the Junior Prep South tournament. A major achievement as they played up in the 9u division. Congratulations to Head Coach Maurice Simmons and his Mighty Select Nation team.

Our youngest ladies, the Mighty 8u Lady Select BLACK Future and 9u Lady Select BLACK Diamond won championships . The BLACK Future faced the Georgia Edge, a team that beat them on Saturday, but the outcome on Sunday was different. They were champions. The BLACK Diamond rumbled with the Georgia Pistols and won in overtime in the championship game. They showed a lot of grit coming from behind to take the win. Congratulations to Head Coach Mandeldove and his mighty ladies.

They just keep rolling along racking up trophies after trophies en route to their National tournaments. The Mighty 13u SILVER with Head Coach Frazier. The team was runner-up at the Playmakers United Tune Up tournament. They lost 47 - 49 in the championship game. You can hurry up and believe that they are playing hard and will be a force to be reckon with at the nationals. Congratulations.

Getting off to a late start but making up time fast is the Mighty 10u SILVER with Head Coach Raynal Harris. The team has earned a trophy in their last 3 tournaments. Second place in a tournament held at New Birth. Congratulations to the team that is improving weekly, true to the statement of striving to be better than yesterday.

Four Select Nation 16u teams participated in the PrimeTime Sports tournament at SSA last weekend. They were bound to face each other and they finished the tournament with 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th place results. The Mighty 16u SILVER with Coach T. Hill earned second place, the Mighty 16u RED Elite  with Coach Odell Ferrell earned 3d place, the Mighty 16u BLACK with Coach Mike Harris coaching earned 4th place and the Mighty 16u CLASSIC with Head Coach Ricker earned 5th place. Trophies were awarded to 2d and 3d place finishers. It was a joy experiencing the teams playing each other. They all proved that they are ready for the NCAA certified tournaments next month.

A summary of how our teams are doing this season.

29 of 33 teams have earned trophies.

18 have earned 3 or more.

3 teams have finished first or second at the State AAU championships. 

10u BLACK 2023 rated number one in the State and eighth in the nation.

9u SYNERGY Select rated number one in the State.

13u Lady Select RED have played in all their tournament championship games except one.

A majority of the teams will be traveling or participating in a AAU, YBOA, USBA or USSSA national tournament.

All the upper grade teams are planning to participate in the NCAA certified events.

Several teams are traveling out of state to Showcase tournaments.

Again, you are invited to follow our teams on Facebook or the Current NEWS on our website to see what is going on and what we are all about.

Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Select Nation Teams in Action This Weekend

Three Atlanta Select teams are in action at the USSSA National Championship at Cocoa Beach, FL. The Mighty 14u COLLEGE Bound, Mighty 13u COLLEGE Bound and the Mighty 14u VISION. Both COLLEGE Bound teams won their first game on Thursday by double digits. The VISION team begins play on Friday Morning. Good Luck to all.

The four Atlanta Select 16u teams are in action this weekend at the PrimeTime Sports tournament at Suwanee, GA. This is the first time this season that the four teams will be playing in the same tournament destine to face each other. All are preparing for the NCAA Certified events next month and this gives them the opportunity to battle their brothers bragging rights.

The Mighty 15u SILVER will also be in this tournament and the Mighty 13u Lady Select RED will also be in action this weekend.

These teams have been working extremely hard all season. The results of their actions should be Good Luck.
Just Go Select!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Select Nation NEWS, Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Select Family, Fans and Friends.

Take a look at what I wrote a year ago, June 17, 2014. It appears that I could have only changed the name of the team.

We could be suffering from "Basketball Jones" since the NBA finals and season are over. But  luckily we have AAU basketball to take us through the Summer until Fall. Speaking about the NBA Finals, there is a lesson to be learned or reinforced. We saw the greatest basketball player (LeBron James) pitted against the best team (Spurs) of the season. The lesson is SYNERGY. 

No one, two or three superstars can compete with five players working as a complete unit. That is why the SYNERGY concept is such a powerful force and that is why we have adopted it as our guiding force. Congratulations to the champs - Spurs - and to all the NBA players for giving a very interesting 2013-14 NBA season.

And this year it is the Warriors. Congratulations.

We have adopted "words" and "slogans" that guide our concept of operations. We feel that these words and slogans are the building blocks of our foundation.  They define who we are and what we are all about.


 Our motto "CARS"
Confident, Aggressive, Relentless, and of course  SYNERGY, Disciple and Perseverance. 
And our adopted poem "See It Through". If we, as an organization, and our teams adhere to these concepts we truly will be able to say 
"It's Hard to Beat a Person/Team/Organization that never gives up".

A perfect example is our Mighty 14U PRIME team with Head Coach Dwayne Hall. This is a new team this year by Coach Hall. After being extremely successful the last several years, guiding many of his players to the next level, he decided to start all over again with an eighth grade group. They have played at least 10 tournaments this year and never were able the advance out of the semifinals. The sad thing about it they tend to lose by one or two points, thus eliminating them from the championship round. You might think that after so many heartbreaks the team would cease playing for the season. But, wow, they broke the trend last weekend and earned a trip to the championship round, earning their first trophy. Relying on those words and slogans above, they are  now on the move, peaking at the right time of the season. July, here they come. Congratulations to Coach Hall, his Assistant Coach Copper and his Mighty PRIME team.  They can proudly say what the opening song on our website is saying. 

Our Mighty Lady Select 13u RED team traveled to Augusta, GA for a tournament and as always, brought back a trophy. Champions again. They were undefeated and won the championship game against the Jacksonville Pacers 73 -32. And again they played up in the 14u/8th grade division. The Jacksonville coach told Coach McCrae "I thought we were good until we met you". Congratulations to Coaches McCrae and McCadney and the Mighty 13u Lady Select RED.

The Mighty 14u VISION earned second place honors at a Tournament R Us tournament. This is another team that had a slow start but in the last month they have been on a roll. Coach Wallace has been persistent and the team has respond. Congratulations to the coaches and the Mighty 14u VISION team.

Not to be outdone is the Mighty 13u SILVER team, Champions at the Tournament R Us tournament. They have been steadfast all season. Coaches Frazier and Windfield have prepared this team extremely well. Congratulations.

Proving that they are the strongest 9u team in the State of Georgia is the Mighty SYNERGY Select. Another championship. Number 15 trophy for the season. Now they will be taking a well deserved break until the YBOA Nationals in a few weeks in Florida, Congratulations to Coaches "G" and Baskerville and their assistants for recruiting and training a mighty team.

I failed to recognize the trophy win of the Mighty 12u RED team with Coach Lawson. The team earned second placed honors at a tournament at SSA@Cobb. The team was  3- 1 in tournament play losing only to the Southern Stampede in the championship game. The team is well prepared for the AAU Nationals in Virginia. Congratulations.

Thus, 6 trophies are added to the count this week, bringing the total to 119, three short of obtaining the all time seasonal high for the organization of 122. 

Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 15
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 10
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 8
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 8
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 8
Coaches Keown & Elston - 11u BLACK 2022 = 7
Coach Woods - 13U - COLLEGE Bound = 6
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach Simmons - 8U Select 94 Feet = 5
Coach Krantz - 9U Select Roswell Bombers = 5
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 5
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 4
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 4
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 4
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 3
Coach Wallace - 14U Team VISION - 2
Coach Thompson/Coach Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 2
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 2
Coach E. Hill - 16U BLACK = 2
Coach Hines - 14U READY = 2
Coach Harris - 10U SILVER = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 1
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Coach G. Glenn - 17U PRO = 1
Coach Hall - 14U PRIME = 1

I want to say thank you to all that paid tribute to me and others on Father's Day. Again, I want to thank all the coaches who are father figures to our young men and women. You are playing a very special role. If some of our students athletes have not said thank you to you, I will. Thank you are special words and maybe the most important words in the English language. It is a grateful feeling or acknowledgment of kindness. You guys are real troopers and make the Select Nation what we are today. Thank you.

In closing, I want to express our condolences to the families that lost loved ones last week in the terrorist attack in Charleston. Let's remain vigilant and as I always say, 
"Watch as Well as Pray".

Keep the Faith!!!

Just Go Select!!!