Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Atlanta Select NEWS, Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Mighty Atlanta Select 6th Grade NORTH has played in 4 tournaments this season and has earned a trophy in each. Yes 4 for 4. Even though they have not captured a championship they have accomplished a great deal in the last month. Last weekend they played in a showcase tournament in North Augusta, SC. These young men have worked extremely hard and we are very proud of their success to date. Kudos to their Head Coach, James Fann, and his CADRE. 


The 2017 Atlanta Select Trophy Count for the 2017 season is 12. 
Our season began on March 1, 2017.
Our goal is to achieve 120 trophies by September 1, 2017.

The Count.

Coach Fann - 6th Grade NORTH = 4
Coach Cooke - 5th Grade Sons of Thunder  = 3
Coach Cooke - 7th Grade Sons of Thunder = 3
Coach Frazier - 9th Grade SILVER = 1
Coach Wallace - 10th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1

Coach Wallace and his Mighty Atlanta Select 10th Grade COLLEGE Bound played in their first tournament last weekend and now they are 1 for 1.

Note. Coach Wallace had his player play in their practice uniforms. He said they had to earn their worth to play in their COLLEGE Bound uniforms.
I think they earned it. 
We will see next tournament.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 6th Grade Sons of Thunder traveled to Tennessee last weekend and finished in the final four. 
Not what they wanted, but watch out they will bounce back next tournament.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 11th Grade PHENON played in their first tournament last weekend. They finished with a  2- 1 record. A great start in their warmup tournament.

One of our players from last season who earned a scholarship to Jacksonville State University lead his team to the BIG Dance - NCAA Tournament . 
Jacara Cross. 

They played last Friday and battle the University of Louisville. 
Came up short but this was the first time in the school's history that the team made it to the 
BIG Dance.
His Atlanta Select coach for several years, Coach Dwayne Hall, traveled to Indiana to the tournament and was there to cheer and support his former player. 
Not only is Coach Hall proud of Jacara but the entire Select Nation is also. 
Jacara demonstrated what hard work in the classroom and the hardwood can earn.

A shout out to Head Coach Lawson. 
His Mighty Atlanta Select 7th Grade SCHOLARS have been making the rounds in the winter rec leagues and destroying their opponents. 
It is time for them to play AAU. 
They are ready.

Last weekend members of his team joined the Mighty Atlanta Select 6th Grade SILVER, Head Coach Harris, in a dynamic tournament, earning a second place win.

Coach Lawson is making sure that members of his team live up to their name. 

Recently he met with Dr. Dennis Kimbro, author of "Think and Grow Rich". 
Dr. Kimbro's book is one of the team's required reading for the season.
All I can Say - Just Go Select!!!


Some of the top senior basketball players from DeKalb County will meet in the annual All-Star Game on Thursday at Miller Grove. 
The girls game begins at 4 p.m., with the boys to follow at 7 p.m. 
There will also be a 3-point shooting contest and a slam dunk contest.

Basketball seniors from the schools will participate. 
Atlanta Select will have at least 4 players on the boy's roster. 
Details will be reported in the next NEWS update.


Last Sunday Coach Tony Burton invited me to attend his team's practice. What a practice! Coach Vinson, his assistant, guided the team in an extremely intensive practice. 
They will be ready to play in their first tournament, Future 150, in a few weeks. 
I had the opportunity to talk to the players and parents giving them my 
Life Skills presentation on the "Keys to Success".
Thanks Coach Burton for inviting me.

Next I traveled from Stone Mountain to Powder Springs to attend the semi-final game of Coach Wallace. What a game. After trailing in the 4th quarter by double digits the team came back and won by double digits.
SYNERGY in Action.
Coach Wallace team is ready to compete at the Level 3 stage.      


The picture above is from 2010, Coach Lanier and his Mighty WHITE team at Boo Williams tournament in Virginia.

I recently posted it on our Facebook page and it solicited "Likes" from many folks to include Coach Lanier. 
It is always good to remember our former players and coaches.
The dust above fades away but the memories last a lifetime.
 A reminder to all to take pictures and send them in.


Just Go Select!!!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Beginning Their Journey - Mighty Atlanta Select 17u PHENON

Introducing the 2017 Mighty Atlanta Select 17u PHENON with Coaches Bridgewater and Freeman.
A person or team who conquers and rises to success slowly with nothing that can get in their way. And motivation? Something they don't need when they're passionate about something.

This team begins their tournament play this weekend in the local area. Be prepared to see them on the national circuit. 
You will be hearing a lot about this mighty 
Atlanta Select team this season. 
You can hurry up and believe that. 
Just Go Select!!!
Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Atlanta Select Student Athletes at the Next Level

The profiles of 4 Atlanta Select Student Athletes in College.

Marissa, number 13 above, the daughter of Head Coach Andre and Mrs. Mandeldove played several years for Atlanta Select under the leadership of her father, Coach Mandeldove, Head Coach of the mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select BLACK Diamonds.

Now a student athlete at Clark Atlanta University.

SIAC Announces 2017 Women's Basketball All-Conference Honors
Marissa Mandeldove SIAC of Clark Atlanta was voted Newcomer of the Year. Mandeldove averaged 16.3 points and 4.5 assists in SIAC games this year for the Panthers. The 5’4 junior guard from Atlanta also leads the league in steals (3.7) which is ranked fourth in NCAA Division II. Mandeldove has scored in double-figures in 22 of 24 games and scored a season-high 26 points against St. Augustine’s on Dec 4.

We are extremely proud of Marissa because she fulfilled the mission of 
Atlanta Select!!!.


Solomon Mangham, the son of Mr. And Mrs. Mangham played several years with the Mighty Atlanta Select WHITE team under the leadership of Head Coach Wallace Lanier.

Finished the regular season at Howard University 2nd in the league in rebounding. 
Big time players make big time plays.  🏆 #DreamChasing

We are extremely proud of 
Solomon because he fulfilled the mission of 
Atlanta Select!!!


Jacara Cross, son of Mr. & Mrs. Cross, played several years for Head Coach Dwayne Hall and the Mighty Atlanta select PRIME team. Now completing his freshman year at Jacksonville State University.

Jacara helped propelled his team to the first trip to the NCAA tournament in school history after winning the Ohio Valley Conference championship.

We are extremely proud of Jacara because he fulfilled the mission of 
Atlanta Select!!!


Jeremy Salley, The son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Salley and nephew of former NBA star John Salley,  played for several years with Atlanta Select SILVER team under the leadership of Head Coach Kenneth Powell and Assistant Coach James Salley, his father. Now a student at the University of Southern California majoring in International Studies.

He recently attended a seminar at Harvard University representing his school, USC.

We are extremely proud of Jeremy because he fulfilled the mission of 
Atlanta Select.


Hundreds of former Atlanta Select student athletes are attending of have graduated from college. Many played sports at the next level but most had an opportunity to be eligible to enter college with finical aid or scholarship based on their athletic and academic performances in high school. As a member of Atlanta Select they were guided by the principles of the organization 
With Education comes first. 
No sound grades - No play
Our policy.

We are Atlanta Select. 
Congrats to all our student athletes.
Keep up the excellent work.

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Trophy Winner, Mar 5, 2017, Mighty Atlanta Select 12u NORTH

to the Mighty Atlanta Select 12u/6th Grade NORTH, 
Runner-up YBOA Super Regional in Dalton GA.

This is their 
second tournament of the season and their 
second trophy. Watch out - More to come!

Kudos to Head Coach Fann and his CADRE 
for guiding these young men.

Just Go Select!!!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Atlanta Select NEWS, Friday, March 3, 2017

Our official AAU season has begun. After our meeting last Sunday I hope that all of you are fired up. While we were meeting 3 of our coaches had teams playing in tournaments and they all brought home trophies. Coach Frazier, Coach Fann and Coach Cooke. The Trophy count is 4, Coach Cooke two teams brought in one each.

frazier 1.jpg
 Coach Frazier's Runner-up PQ Sports.

fann 2.jpg
Coach Fann's Runner-up PQ Sports.

cooke 2.jpg
cooke 2017.jpg
Coach Cooke Champions and Runner-up.

Great start for their first tournament in our Atlanta Select AAU season. Note must be full AAU members to enter the count.

Several teams are planning to play this weekend. Good luck to all. Remember to let me know on Thursdays if you are playing the weekend whereas I can give you your props. Also, Please take and send a picture of your championship or Runner-up trophy. They will be posted. EXPOSURE baby.

A reminder to submit your roster for your AAU cards, need name, address, DOB, parent's email address and phone number. Collect the admin fee per player and submit. Remember No Pay, No Play. Tell parents it is strictly business. To see me if questions.

A shout out of to all our players that are receiving accolades from their high school season. Two of our players that are standouts and for sure will be moving to the next level are Odell Ferrell, Jr, (Chamblee HS) and Tyler Thorton (South Atlanta HS), both were highly recognized in their respective conferences.
Let's follow them through the play-offs and wish them the best of luck at the next level. I am sure many more Select payers are receiving accolades. Send me pictures and let me know. EXPOSURE Baby.

Finally, another Shout Out to our trophy winners at our coaches meeting last Sunday. They are commended for their hardwork last season The 3 coaches with their 7 teams brought in a combined total of 62 trophies. To see their achievement go to our website, click on "Current NEWS' and scroll down to August 2016 - Another Banner Year.


Just want to wish one of our former player who is at the Clemson University and a candidate for All ACC Player of the year. May his dreams come true. 

blossgame 3.jpg

I will be at Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon Saturday morning from 10 - 11 am. Drinking coffee and fellowship.

Have a great weekend.

 Coach Z.

Atlanta Select NEWS, Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Mighty Atlanta Select 6th Grade NORTH has played in 4 tournaments this season and has earned a trophy in each. Yes 4 for 4. Even tho...