Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Atlanta Select "HOT" NEWS - Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

It is important to have a goal, something to strive for.
The Atlanta Select Basketball Association established as a goal for this 2017 season for its teams  (30) to earned 
100 trophies by September 1, 2017.

Guess what? We are half way to that goal.  
And there are more than four months to ago. 
Yes, we are on the move.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 5th Grade "Sons of Thunder" (pictured above) earned two championships last weekend.
Champs - Peach State Invitational.
Champs - USBA Super Regional.
The team is leading the pack with a total of 8 trophies for the season that began on March 1, 2017.


The Mighty Atlanta Select 6th Grade NORTH has played in 7 tournaments and have earned 6 trophies.


The Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select RED Elite 9th Grade has played up in every tournament this season to include playing 
12th Grade ladies.

Last weekend they played in the GNBA Spring Invitational in Louisville, KY and losing only in the championship game to a 10th Grade team.
They have earned 5 trophies this season.


The Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select BLACK Diamond Elite were crowned champions last weekend at the D1Spects 9th Annual National Showcase. 
This is their 5th trophy for the season.

The four teams above are the top three earners to date. 
14 by the young men.
10 by the young ladies.


The total Trophy Count: 50

Coach Cooke - 5th Grade Sons of Thunder = 8
Coach Fann - 6th Grade NORTH = 6
Coach McCrae - 9th Grade Lady Select RED Elite = 5
Coach Dove - Lady Select BLACK Diamond Elite = 5
Coach Cooke - 7th Grade Sons of Thunder = 3
Coach Dove - Lady Select BLACK Diamond Future = 3
Coach Dove - Lady Select BLACK Diamond Premiere = 3
Coach Frazier - 9th Grade SILVER = 2
Coach Dove - Lady Select BLACK Diamond 2021 = 2
Coach Harris - 4th Grade SOUTHSIDE = 2
Coach Jackson - 3d Grade SOUTHSIDE = 2
Coach Dove - Lady Select BLACK Diamond Classic = 2
Coach McCrae - 9th Grade Lady Select BLACK = 1
Coach McCrae - 8th Grade SILVER = 1
Coach Lawson - 8th Grade SCHOLARS = 1
Coach Wallace 10th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1
Coach Bridges 10th Grade HEAT = 1
Coach Doce - Lady Select BLACK Diamond Select = 1
Coach Harris - 6th Grade SOUTHSIDE = 1

More important than trophies.
Several of our teams played in the NCAA Certified tournaments last weekend.

Coach Burton and his Mighty 17U Team SELECT.

Coach Frazier and his Mighty 9th Grade SILVER.

Coach Hall and his Mighty 10th Grade PRIME.


Coach Morris and his Mighty 17u BLACK 2018 East and West.

The teams above and others will also be playing in NCAA Certified tournaments this coming weekend.

Now some other highlights.

Coach Jackson , 9u SOUTHSIDE, has been awarded 
"Teacher of the Year" 
for the State of Georgia Charter School System.


Coach Keys (Marquis Barnes) ( in red above) SOUTHSIDE teams, has been selected to play on an International Basketball team in England. He is scheduled to begin in August.


Coach Lawson and Coach Harris have strategically shared their players to support each other teams as they play in 
12u events.



Good Day fellow Atlanta Select coaches. I am sending this message because I don't see enough of us in 17u and 16u live events. If you have just 1 player with next level potential make it known! We have coaches in our organization with connections willing to advocate for any player that is worthy. We have to work together to do what's best for these kids. Let's share plans, schedules and even players to make sure that our best are getting the proper exposure!  


Coach Kevin Morris

HC Atlanta Select Black 2018

Train, develop, expose...WE ARE SELECT



Coaches Bridges and Large 10th Grade HEAT earned their first trophy last weekend at the Rumble in Atlanta tournament in Conyers GA.


Coach Dove and his Mighty Lady Select BLACK Diamond Family ( 6 teams) will be traveling to Montgomery Alabama this weekend for the Elite 100.


Coach Burton shown with his first Select team 9 years ago and his present team will be traveling to Indiana this weekend for an NCAA Certified event.
He will take a couple more players from other teams.

Coach Morris and his BLACK 17u team will also be there.

Alex Watson

The next chapter has begun...Alex committed to Sacred Heart University in Connecticut this weekend!  #CoachLatina #SHU What a journey! Special thanks to Coach Anthony Burton, Coach Lenny, Atlanta Select AAU, and Coach Abney (Pope HS)! Alex accomplished his goal of playing D-I Ball.. Very proud of him! He worked very hard and remained humble.
Alex Watson number 20 above is just one of Coach Burton's players from the 2016 season that has signed to play Division I basketball.
See proud comments from his mother above.



The Mighty Atlanta Select BLACK Diamonds NEWS, April 25, 2017

The Black Diamond Family had a great week of practice leading to a very successful weekend, Apr 21-23. 
They participated in the 
D1spect  Super 100 JR. Showcase. 

Black Diamond 2021 competed for the Silver Division Championships. Came from behind to defeat A1 Elite.Z


Black Diamond Future lost a heartbreaker in overtime to Tennessee Fury, a team that they beat in Orlando at the 2016 AAU Nationals. They came to Atlanta to challenge the team, said their head coach (Truss). 
The Future are looking forward to meeting the Fury again.

Lauren Chavis was the Tournament MVP.

The following ladies were recognized for their hard work receiving a Golden Ticket which is an invite to the 
2017 ALL STAR Game. 

Number 10 Harmonie Cooper and number 11, Joie Filies.
Number 15, Mya Perry, selected DEFENSIVE Player of the Tournament.

Go Ladies.

The BLACK Diamond Classic and Premiere combined to battle against the Tennessee Fury that beat all their opponents by 20 points. The two teams together just could not get it done and took second place in the championship game.

The MVP of the game was Zoey McMikkens.


The BLACK Diamond Elite took on the Queen City Ballers, a fifth grade team from charlotte NC. They battled the the Ballers late into the night, finally in overtime.
Crowned Champions.
Camille Filies, Jareah Branch, Sonia Reynolds and the MVP - Tatum Brown were selected for the ultimate 
2017 ALL-Star team.

Also selected to the ALL-Star team were 

Precious Benford
Jaidyn Hill made her presence felt in the paint, providing the team a tough interior presence.
Tallish Cornish who showed a lot of promise as a PG, dropping dimes and connecting in her midrange game.
Taniyah Teemer AKA "Happy FEET" scored her career high of 8 points during the tournament, nailing to big free throws after a technical foul was called against the opposing team.

Next weekend the BLACK Diamonds will be on the road to Montgomery Alabama for the Elite 100.
All we can say - Just Go Lady Select!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

NEWS From Atlanta Select Lady Select BLACK Diamonds

The Atlanta Select Lady Select BLACK Diamonds were at it again last weekend, Easter Weekend. 
The Diamonds participated in five events. 
The newest team, the BLACK Diamonds 21K won the championship at the AIT 9th annual AIT.

Samantha Smith (#20) and Fatima Bakayoko (#4) were selected at tournament top stars.

The BLACK Diamond Premiere was awarded 2d place at the tournament in their division.

The BLACK Diamond Select, Future and Classic were all in action buy did not make it to the championship round. However, they all had a great time after the games as they all participated in an Easter Egg Hunt.

These Atlanta Select Ladies are having a great season. 
Kudos to the BLACK Diamonds.

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

If at first you don't succeed, Just Go Select!!!

The saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try,try again".  
My saying, "If at first you do succeed, try something harder".


The Mighty Atlanta Select 12u NORTH with Coaches Fann, Chan and Bailey had played in 5 tournaments this season and eared 5 'Runner-up" trophies.

I could tell that they and their players were disappointed that they just could not get over the hump.
Even as they received their trophies the smiles were not there.

But look at the top picture, all smiles.

Why? Champions!!!
They try, tried again and then something harder. 
Champions at the Atlanta Easter Classic.

Now they are ready for the AAU District/State tournament next weekend.

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 12u NORTH.


Another Atlanta Select team that is all smiles last weekend is the Mighty 11u Sons of Thunder.

Champions Again.

However, two weekend ago they played in the AAU District/State and earned "runner-up" status.
Very few, if any smiles. 

they are champions again and have earned 6 trophies this season. 

Keep Smiling.


Congratulations to both the 12u NORTH and 11u Sons of Thunder, both teams have earned 6 trophies each this season.

They do not let up.


Just Go Select!!!


Atlanta Select "HOT" NEWS - Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

It is important to have a goal, something to strive for. The Atlanta Select Basketball Association established as a goal for this 2017...