Friday, February 5, 2016

TRYOUTS - The Mighty Atlanta Select 12U/6th Grade SILVER Team

Head Coach Raynal "Shaka" Harris will hold "TRYOUTS" for his Mighty Atlanta Select 12U/6th Grade SILVER Team.

Sunday, Feb 21, 2016

5 - 7 PM

Luther Judson Price Middle School
1670 Benjamin Weldon Bickers Dr.
Atlanta GA 30315

Feel Free to contact Coach Harris at
(404) 217-1897

Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Atlanta Select Head Coaches CADRE for 2016

Presenting the Head Coaches and their 2016 Atlanta Select Teams.

Atlanta Select Head Coaches 2016

8U/2d Grade Lady Select BLACK  Diamond Future – 
Coach Mandeldove (678) 463-7587

9U/3d Grade SYNERGY Select – Coach Baskerville (404) 554 -7405

9U/3d Grade South Side – Coach Jackson (313) 910-5907

9u/3d Grade BLACK Diamond Elite –
Coach Mandeldove (678) 463-7587

10U/4th Grade Lady Select BLACK Diamond Premier – 
Coach Mandeldove) 
678) 463-7587

10U/4th Grade SYNERGY Select – Coach G. Stewart (404) 484-5310

10U/4th Grade Roswell Bombers – Coach Krantz (404) 431-3775

10U/4th Grade Sons of Thunder – Coach Cooke (404) 313-8200

10U/4th Grade BLACK – Coach Mays (678) 358-1944

11U/5th Grade Broncos – Coach Fann (678) 516-5213

12U/6th Grade SILVER – Coach Harris (404) 217-1897

12U/6th Grade Lady Select Xclusive – Coach R. (Shun) Jackson (678) 994-8999

12U/6th Grade PRIME – Coach Copper (404) 867-4342

12U/6th Grade BLACK 2022 _ Coaches Keown & Elston 
(770) 676-4055 or (678) 462-0638

12U/6th Grade RED Elite – Coach Lawson (404) 543-2523

13U/7th Grade BLACK – Coach Mayo (678) 471-9311

13U/7th Grade Lady Select RED – Coach Lewis (770) 330-5202

13U/7th Grade RED – Coach Lawson (404) 543-2523

13U/7th Grade Xclusive - Coach R. (Shun) Jackson (678) 994-8999

14U/8th Grade Lady Select Xclusive – Coach Kelly (404) 797-2653

14U/8th Grade SILVER – Coach Frazier (678) 517-6120

14U/8th Grade COLLEGE Bound – Coach Woods (865) 243-7979

15U/9th Grade COLLEGE Bound East– Coach Johnson (678) 670-4859

15U/9th Grade COLLEGE Bound West – Coach Wallace (404) 602-2989

15U/9th Grade Lady Select RED – Coach McCrae (678) 437-7348

15U/9th Grade PRIME – Coach Hall (404) 449-4364

15U/9th Grade Lady Select SILVER – Coach Hollaway (678) 616-6367
Coach Johnson  (404) 883-7193

16U/10th Grade Lady Select Augusta BLACK – Coach Howard (706) 339-4510

16U/10th Grade RED – Coach Burton (678) 521-6225

16U/10th Grade BLACK – Coach Morris (678) 613-7915

17U/11th Grade CLASSIC – Coach Ricker (678) 643-0134

17U/11th Grade RED Elite – Coach Ferrell (678) 478-4256

17U/11th Grade SILVER – Coach Hill (678) 521-4232


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Saturday, January 30, 2016

TRYOUTS - The Mighty Atlanta Select 16U/10th Grade BLACK 2018 Team

Coach Kevin Morris will hold "TRYOUTS" for the Mighty Atlanta Select 16U/10th Grade BLACK 2018 team.

Sunday, February 7, 3:30 - 6 PM

Straight Life Church of God
4228 Glenhaven Drive
Decatur GA 30035

RSVP Coach Kevin Morris

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Friday, January 29, 2016

The 2016 16U/10th Grade Atlanta Select RED Team

Head Coach Tony Burton has selected his team for the 2016 season.

Congratulation to the follow student for being selected for the 2016 Atlanta Select Red Team.

Miles Black 6’3 Jonesboro High School

Treveon Cook 5’11 Creekside   High School
Killien Glover 5’9 Homeschool

Julian Larrieu 5’10 Dacula High School

Rodric Lobbins  5’10 Etowah High School

Nathan Reid 6’3 Lakeside High School

Akili Shepherd 6’3 Etowah High School

Jovon Williams 6’3 Creekside High School

Chris Williams 5’8 Mundys Mills High School

Byron Wilson 6’0 Dacula High School

Quayveon Yegha 6’6 Creekside High School

Just Go Select!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Dekalb County, GA HS Player of the Month - Odell Ferrell III

It is an honor to highlight that Odell Ferrell III, a member of the Mighty Atlanta Select 17u RED Elite team, is named "Player of the Month" in DeKalb County Georgia.

Odell is an outstanding student athlete and is captain of his high school basketball team.

Last summer he lead his AAU team to captured 9 trophies as they played throughout the southeast on the youth basketball traveling circuit.

Kudos to Odell for his outstanding performances in the classroom and on the hardwood.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Atlanta Select Team for 2016 - Mighty 4th Grade BLACK

Head Coach James Mays, who successfully lead a 17u team last season, has decided to start with a new team for 2016. The Mighty Atlanta Select 4th Grade BLACK team.

The team will serve the southern metro Atlanta counties.

Feel free to contact Coach Mays at (678) 358-1944.

Just Go Select!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Champions - The Mighty Atlanta Select 8U team

Congratulations to Coaches Jackson and Baskerville and their combined 8u Select teams. They were champions in capturing the top spot in the MLK,Jr. Holiday tournament.

Just Go Select!!!

Atlanta Select TRYOUTS - Begin this Weekend

The Atlanta Select Nation will begin "TRYOUTS" this weekend and will continue for the next several weekends. Tryouts for boys and girls teams will be occurring. The dates and locations are posted on the "CALENDAR" on our website and also in the "CURRENT NEWS". Just click on our website ( and then on the home page, click on "Current NEWS" or the "Calendar" for details.

Atlanta Select teams serve the entire Atlanta Metro area with teams in Douglas, Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Henry and their surrounding counties. Also, click on "Coach Select" on our home page and see and read about Atlanta Select head coaches. If you have any questions about our organization and its programs feel free to contact Coach Z, the COO and Co-founder of the organization, for more information at 770-808-4444 (office) or 770-598-8511 (cell).

Who We Are

The Atlanta Select Basketball Association is a community based volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to use youth basketball as a tool to expand the horizon of young people.  The primary goal is to successfully prepare young boys and girls, both academically and athletically, for the opportunity to pursue a degree of higher education at the college level.

Our Operations are based on the concept of SYNERGY

SYN·ER·GY [ s n r-j ] n. pl. syn·er·gies - The combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately:  Team work at its best results in a very productive synergy.
Synergy Sports looks to accommodate students that aspire to learn both athletically and academically. Teachers and coaches often have a profound influence on a person’s life. Synergy Sports and Tutoring has assembled a team of insightful, knowledgeable coaches and instructors who are committed to helping young people become skilled, confident, well-rounded individuals. Intellectual and physical activities are key components to a healthy and balanced life.  Synergy Sports serves as a vehicle for those who strive to attain physical prowess, determination, resourcefulness, integrity and a sense of pride.

We are an official AAU organization that also is sanctioned to play YBOA, USBA, USSSA and all other major youth basketball organizations. We participate in community and recreational leagues also. Many organizations claim to be AAU, but in name only. We are AAU!

Each year we have a CADRE of coaches that implemented the programs of the organization. 
Our coaches are required to have background checks and head coaches are issued a handbook of procedures. 

Below are  pictures of recent CADREs.

The 2016 CADRE.

We have a track record of success averaging over 25 teams in the organization per season for the last 10 years and with more than 400 student athletes. Last season, which was our tenth, we captured more than 130 trophies. 

The Trophy Count is 135. (A Record)

Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 17 (National Champs -YBOA)
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 11 (3d In the Nation - USSSA)
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 10 (National Champs - USBA)
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 9
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 8
Coaches Keown  & Elston - 11u BLACK 2022 = 7
Coach Woods - 13U - COLLEGE Bound = 6
Coach Simmons - 8U Select 94 Feet = 6
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 6
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 6
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 5
Coach Krantz - 9U Select Roswell Bombers = 5
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 4
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 3
Coach Harris - 10U SILVER = 3
Coach Wallace - 14U Team VISION - 3
Coach Thompson/Coach Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach E. Hill - 16U BLACK = 2
Coach Hines - 14U READY = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 2
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Coach G. Glenn - 17U PRO = 1

Last season was our tenth and we celebrated in December. Our goal for this season is to be our best ever.

So you are welcome to give us a try. We are not just another youth basketball organization. 

We are Select!!!

Another New Atlanta Select Coach and Team - A Mighty Lady Select Team

We proudly announce Head Coach Dhati Lewis will lead the Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select 7th Grade RED team.

Coach Lewis has years of coaching and ministering to young student athletes. We value his experience and his dedication in joining the Select Nation.

We are confident that his team will be a force to be reckon with. And we all can say, "Just Go Lady Select!!!"

He will be hosting his first TRYOUT on Sunday, Jan 24 at 2 PM at West Hunter Baptist Church, 1040 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta GA 30310.

Feel free to contact Coach Lewis at 770-330-5202.

Just Go Lady Select!!!

TRYOUTS - Mighty Lady Select RED Teams

Basketball Try-outs
6th - 8th Grade Lady Select RED Teams
Atlanta Select Tryouts
West Hunter Baptist Church
1040 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30310
(Gym sites behind Church)

Two Sundays: January 24th & 31st
2:00 - 4:00pm

For More Info:
Coach Lewis
Phone: 770-330-5202

Just Go Lady Select!!!