Monday, August 10, 2015

Head Coach Larry Thompson - Greenforest Christian Academy.

The Atlanta Select Basketball Association congratulates Larry Thompson on his selection as Head Coach for the Varsity basketball team at 
Greenforest  Christian Academy.  

Larry served for three years as the very successful head coach for the Mighty 6th, 7th and 8th grades Atlanta Select BLACK Team.

During his tenure as a Select coach he lead his team to gain numerous trophies playing in AAU, YBOA and other major tournaments. 

Larry starred as a member of the Atlanta Celtics playing for Coaches Hill and Zeigler in the mid '90. Playing point and/or shooting guard he lead the team to numerous victories, playing in tournaments all over the United states. 
Number 23 below.

Larry graduated from Mitchell-Baker High School in Camilla, GA, 

attended University of South Alabama and has traveled  overseas to Albania and China. 
He has lived and worked in Atlanta since 2005.

In 2013 he joined the Select. He, along with Coach Patrick Stephens, developed a winning team that was extremely successful for the last 3 years.

Pictured below are the Select teams he has coached.



Larry can hang will the superstars, 
but with his pleasing personality and overall professionalism - he never lose the common touch.

Atlanta Select is honored to have had such a dedicated, committed and loyal coach. Now it is time to move on. But we wish him the best of luck and for him to remember 
"Once a Select, Always a Select"!

The Best of Everything at Greenforest Academy Head Coach Larry Thompson.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

At the Battle at the Bayou - Lady Select 13u RED

The Mighty Lady Select 13u RED is undefeated in pool play and has won their first bracket play game. Now they are on their way to the final 4.

Take a look at the ladies having fun at the Riverwalk after winning their pool.

Stay Tuned. 

Just Go Lady Select!!!


Friday, July 24, 2015

At the AAU Nationals - Mighty Atlanta Select 12U RED

The Mighty Atlanta Select 12u RED is attending their first national tournament. We have just arrived in Hampton VA for the AAU Nationals.


We had a fun and safe ride on our chartered bus to Virginia.


On our arrival we gathered with others teams to bond.


We attended the Opening Ceremony.

The Guest Speaker was one of the original Tuskegee Airman.

Now it was time to relax and think about the first game on Day 1 of Pool Play.

Just Go Select!!!


At the AAU Nationals - SYNERGY Select

We are back in Florida. Two weeks ago we were here for the YBOA Nationals. and of course we won the YBOA National Championship. Our goal is to win another national championship. This time AAU. We have divided our team into two groups whereas all our players will have an opportunity to receive maximum playing time at a major event. 
Pictured above we are headed to the opening ceremony.

We are about to march in for the opening ceremony.

We found our Select sisters (BLACK Diamond and The Future) and took a group picture after the opening ceremony.

Day 1 is over. Headed home ready to do battle in Pool Play tomorrow.


Just Go Select!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Going to the AAU Nationals - Our Lady Selects

Hey Atlanta Select Family and Friends,

Lady Select Black Diamond and Future will be participating in AAU Nationals, July 23-26. Both team will be playing Division I. Our plans were to participate in the 2nd grade Division but not enough girls teams are participating. We invited a few girls from our sister team in Augusta to join us. I will forward a link so that you can follow our progress. 
Stay Tuned.

On our way to Florida for the AAU Nationals.  July 22, 2015. Just Go Lady Select!!!

Day 1
At the Opening Ceremony with our brothers, SYNERGY Select.


The Ladies are having fun. On Day 2 of tournament play the Lady Select BLACK is 2 - 0 in pool play. Lady Select Future is 0 - 2 playing very hard against division 1 third grade teams.  Bracket play will begin on Day 3. Keep checking us out. 

Just Go Select!!!

SUMMER Time - Select Nation NEWS, 07/20/2015

An’ the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
An’ the cotton is high.

Oh yo’ daddy's rich
An’ yo’ mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don' yo’ cry.

One of these mornin’s
You're goin’ to rise up singin’
Then you'll spread yo’ wings
An’ you'll take the sky.

But till that mornin’
There's a-nothin’ can harm you
With daddy an’ mammy standin’ by.

The Dog Days of Summer are here. It is Hot. I know that members of the Select Nation are taking it easy after a season of unprecedented success. The pictures above and below show the Mighty 11u BLACK 2022 at the beach at Cocoa Beach Florida after their run for the AAU Nationals.  

Atlanta Select Black 2022 came up short on their goal of becoming national champions, but the experiences will be with them throughout their basketball careers. They've concluded their season with a record of 41 wins and 12 losses. Way to go Select!!! 

Also returning from the AAU Nationals last week were the Mighty 10u BLACK 2023. Again no National championship but a championship season. The team competed in the most challenging tournaments of the season and earned a ranking of number 8 in the national and number one in Georgia. That is a lot to be proud about. They concluded the season with 41 wins and 9 losses. Kudos to this Mighty Select team.

You might think that after capturing the YBOA National Championship that the Mighty 9u SYNERY Select would call it a season. 
No way. 
First they found a bridge overlooking downtown Atlanta and had a photo shoot for all their players.

Second, they entered a Tournament R Us tournament and won the championship, capturing their 17 trophy for the season.

Third, they leave on Thursday, again, for Florida for the AAU Nationals.

You will see that they will be playing most of the premiere teams in the nation at the AAU Nationals.

But guess what? The 9u SYNERGY Select will be participated in both the Division I an II AAU Nationals. To ensure that all team members are given an opportunity to hot the floor and play at the nationals the team has divided into two. What can I say? Just Go Select!!!


Well, not only the Select 9u boys have won a National Championship and continue to play, the 13u Lady Selects are doing the same thing. 

 Lady Atlanta Select Red won the Tournament R Us Super Regional
Tourney this past weekend. The team went undefeated and won the Championship
Sunday. The ladies are traveling to New Orleans on Wednesday, July 22, to participate in the
Battle on the Bayou (200 teams and 350 College scouts int the New Orleans
Convention center which has 28 basketball courts). Let's wish them luck.

Did you know that one of our Select Nation teams have a duel mission, they play baseball and basketball, concentrating the Spring playing baseball and then in the Summer play basketball. 
Well the baseball season is over and they captured the 8u World Series, Champions.
The Mighty 8u Punishers

Congratulation to Head Coach Shepherd, his staff and his Mighty ballers.

Congratulations to the Mighty 13u VISION for capturing another trophy last weekend. Kudos to Coach Wallace and his mighty team. No picture at this time.

Two weekends playing in an NCAA Certified event and playing in the championship game.
The Mighty 15u RED Elite with Head Coach Tony Burton.

This team is making a significant impact during July and the hunt will continue this weekend at the Atlanta Jam. The scouts have been inquiring about many of these ballers.

Sometimes we do not know what others think about our organization and our teams. But when the Director of a major organization (Blake Thompson of USBA) make a major positive statement about you then you fell validated. This pass weekend our mighty 13u SILVER played in Charlotte NC at the Jason Williams Showcase. The team did not win a championship but was honored by Mr. Thompson with a free meal at a local restaurant, praising the boys for their outstanding performances and sportsmanship. 

A shout out to Coaches Frazier and Windfield for guiding these young men in the principles of our organization. Coach Windfield made a note stating " You never know who is watching you". Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty 12u RED with Head Coach Lawson plus family and friends will be traveling on their chartered bus to Hampton, VA for the AAU Nationals.

The team will face one of LeBron James sponsored teams and plan to give them #&%#.

Also, en route to the AAU Nationals this week,  but to Florida,

are the Mighty Lady Selects 8u & 9u teams.

These ladies have worked extremely hard this season. The best of luck at the 
Wide World of Sports.


Many of our student athletes are getting positive write ups by scouting services this July. No more than Tyler Thornton of the mighty 16u SILVER team.

Kudos to Tyler and let there be noted that our players are being watched, and thus recruited.

This weekend we will have three teams in one of the final NCAA Certified EXPOSURE events.

The Mighty 15u RED Elite with Coach Burton, The Mighty 16u CLASSIC with Coach Ricker and The Mighty 16u BLACK with Coach Hill.

Good luck to all!!!


The Trophy Count is 135. (A Record)

Coach Baskerville/Coach G - 9U Team SYNERGY Select = 17 (National Champs -YBOA)
Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 11 (3d In the Nation - USSSA)
Coach McCrae - 13U Lady Select RED = 10 (National Champs - USBA)
Coach Ferrell - 16U RED Elite = 9
Coach Chan - 10U BLACK 2023 = 8
Coaches Keown  & Elston - 11u BLACK 2022 = 7
Coach Woods - 13U - COLLEGE Bound = 6
Coach Simmons - 8U Select 94 Feet = 6
Coach Frazier - 13U SILVER = 6
Coach Burton - 15U RED = 6
Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 5
Coach T. Hill - 16U SILVER = 5
Coach Krantz - 9U Select Roswell Bombers = 5
Coach Gates - 17U BLACK (Gates) = 4
Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 9U Lady Select BLACK Diamond = 3
Coach Mandeldove - 8U Lady Select BLACK Future = 3
Coach Harris - 10U SILVER = 3
Coach Wallace - 14U Team VISION - 3
Coach Thompson/Coach Stephens - 14U BLACK Elite = 2
Coach Ricker - 16U CLASSIC = 2
Coach E. Hill - 16U BLACK = 2
Coach Hines - 14U READY = 2
Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 2
Coach JayBee - 17U PRIME = 1
Coach AC Christopher - 15U SILVER = 1
Coach Mays - 17U BLACK (Mays) = 1
Coach G. Glenn - 17U PRO = 1
Coach Hall - 14U PRIME = 1
Several other Select teams played last weekend to include The Mighty 8u 94 Feet (2015-16 Future), 8u SouthSide, 14u Ready, 17u Pro and 17u PRIME.
Yes, it is Summer and it is very Hot. 
The Select Nation teams are Hot and plan to burn the nets down. 
Just as the opening song on our web site. 
Hot Fun in the Summer Time.

Just Go Select!!!