Monday, June 25, 2018

The Mighty Atlanta Select HEAT - Champions


The Mighty Atlanta Select HEAT are Champions.
The team won the championship in the All Georgia Summer Showcase Varsity Division.

Kudos to Coaches Bridges and Large and their mighty team.

As We continue to Pray Together and Play Together, 
We will continue to Win Together. 

Just Go Select!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Atlanta Select NEWS Summary - June 7, 2018 - A note from Coach Z.

Coach George Zeigler, Jr. " Coach Z" has announced his retirement as 
Chief Operations Officer of the Atlanta Select Basketball Association 
effective on September 1, 2018. 
As one of the co-founders of the organization he will remain a member of the advisory board.

Coach Z has been involved with AAU operations for nearly 27 years, 
first with the Atlanta Celtics and since 2005 with the Atlanta Select in which he along with Coach Tony Hill founded the Atlanta Select. 

Coach Hill will also be relinquishing some of his duties and responsibilities as CEO.

Coach Jesse Baskerville, the DCEO, will remain active with the organization as a 
Senior Head Coach and Advisor.

Coach Hill and Coach Baskerville will still coordinate the Fall Atlanta Select Skills Development program.

Coach Marquis Brown, a former player with the Atlanta Select (2006-06), has been selected to guide the organization in the future.

The organization was informed of the transitioning at the annual coaches meeting in 
April 2018.

Coach Brown along with Coach Greer (a former Atlanta Select head coach) will service as the leadership of the organization.

More about Coach Brown.

More about Coach Greer.

Coach Brown and Coach Greer from 2007 to 2018

Coach Z and Coach Brown recently attended the GA AAU District Bi-Annual Meeting in which Coach Z announced the upcoming change in the leadership of the Atlanta Select.

Coach Z is enjoying his final season as Atlanta Select COO. 
The 20+ teams are having a tremendous year. 
  Kudos to the Lady Select BLACK Diamonds organization with Coach Dove, the Lady Select REDS and Greys with Coach McCrae, the young boys 2027, 2028, 2029 with Coach OJ, the 13u SILVER with Coach Shaka Harris, the 14u SCHOLARS with Coach Lawson, The 14u and 15u Quiet Storm with Coach Houlder, the 16u and 17u with Coach Q Bridges, the 17u PLATINUM with Coach Rod Wells, the 17u PRIME with Coach Hall, the 17u BLACK with Coach JayBee.

And he sincere appreciation and thank the over 150 coaches and 5000 student athletes he serverd for the last 26 years.

The organization will remain strong and viable.

Because we are not just another youth basketball organization.

We are Select!!!

Just Go Select!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Atlanta Select NEWS Summary - Part Two - The Lady Select BLACK Diamonds

It is a fact that the one of the most successful AAU programs for ladies is the 
Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Selects.
And the younger ladies belong to the 
BLACK Diamonds.
 Just a summary of the success of the ladies to date.
A shout out to Head Coach Mandeldove "Dove" and his cadre of coaches.

Black Diamond Premiere finished 2nd in the 6th grade AAU State Championship. They have won 4 championships and 6 trophies.


Black Diamond Totality 
Jaylah Todd
Charmaine Owens 
Sha'nya Heath
London Smith
Maya Perry
Kimora Bloodsaw 
Janiya Weaver
Kelah Campbell
Kassidy Manning
Caitlyn Russell 

 #1 3rd grade team in the State 
#2 4th grade D2 team in the State 
They have won 7 Championships and 9 trophies this season. 


Black Diamond Future finished 2nd in 4th Grade AAU STATE. They have won 3 tournaments and 5 trophies.
BLACK Diamond Future 
Dori Usher
Joie Files
Lauren Chavis
Chance Alexander 
Rebecka Jones
Ava Jones
Kendreya William
Bailey Canty


Black Diamond Excel finished #1 in the 5th GRADE AAU STATE D2. 
They have won 3 trophies this season.
BLACK Diamond Excel 
Olivia Ross
Zyeiar Boyd
Saniya Rice
Janiya McCoy
Shiloh Small


Black Diamond Xclusive, 
Finished 2nd in the 6th grade AAU State D2 Tournament. 
Congrats Zayjah Knight 
Kristan Simmons, 
Brooklyn Scrubb
Bria Young 
Shakira Gresham
Chloe Evan's

The BLACK Diamond Ladies

Head Coach Andre Mandeldove "Dove".

Just Go Lady Select!!!

Atlanta Select NEWS Summary - Part One - The Mighty Atlanta Select SILVER

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 13U/7th Grade SILVER team.

The team is the 2018 YBOA Georgia State Championship Runner-up. 

They are ranked as the number 2 team in the state.

They entered the state tournament as the 13th placed team in a field of 46 and beat several teams ranked higher than they were.  

What is so amazing about their achievement is 
that they won 2 games in overtime leading up to the finals. 

Yes, what an achievement!

Head Coach Raynal "Shaka" Harris is doing an exceptional job with this team this season. 
He entered the the first YBOA National Super Regional tournment this season in Dalton GA back in early April and earned a bid to the YBOA Nationals.

Congraatulations to this Mighty Atlanta Select team and 
Good Luck at the YBOA Nationals in July.

Just Go Select!!!


The Mighty Atlanta Select HEAT - Champions

Congratulations The Mighty Atlanta Select HEAT are Champions. The team won the championship in the All Georgia Summer Showcase Va...