Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Proud Atlanta Select Coach!!!

I am proud of all my coaches in the Atlanta Select Basketball Association. 
Proud of their dedication, commitment and professionalism. 
Head Coach Brian Frazier above, has been with the organization for 6 years.  
He posted the following comments on Facebook with his thoughts. 
Proud to share them.
(Coach Z.)

I'm on Cloud 9 tonight. Finished 4-0 at the Elite 32 Showcase. 
First time in my 6 years of coaching AAU that I have beaten a shoe team. 
Great group of kids, but I love to life. 
1 more local exposure tournament then off to Hampton, VA to play in
 Boo Williams Showcase. 
It definitely gets tough at times but I wouldn't change it for the world. 
Trying to be a positive role model, early mornings, late nights, picking kids up, dropping kids off.
Lord willing, all 12 of them will go to college! 
Thanks to my coaches for always having my back!


Coach Frazier is the head coach of the Mighty Atlanta Select 15u SILVER Team.

Just Go Select!!!


The Mighty Atlanta Select SouthSide teams. More Championships.

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select SouthSide teams for capturing trophies last weekend. 
The 3d and 4th Grades team won championships in the Hoop Dream Classic.
This is Number 15 and 16 for the season.
The attached photo is a combination of players from both teams. 
Kudos to Coaches Harris and Jackson and their mighty teams.

Yes, they are RELENTLESS.
Just Go Select!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Just Go Select - Mighty 17u Atlanta Select RED Elite.

What a great weekend for Atlanta Select Red 17U. 
Going 4-1 losing in a close game for the championship. 
Getting ready for the Shun Williams Elite 32 this weekend. Congrats to Troy Stephen (St. Pius HS), Eric Jones (Mountain View HS), and AJ McNeil (Clarkson HS)  for being name on the All-Tournament team for this event.
Just Go Select!!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

First Championship this Weekend. Mighty 3d/4th Atlanta Select SOUTHSIDE

Our 3rd and 4th grade teams combined to win the 2017 
Pre-Live Period Summer Classic tournament sponsored by Lewis Sports Academy. 

Congratulations to Coach Harris and Coach Jackson and their Mighty Atlanta Select SOUTHSIDE Team!!!

Just Go Select!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

We are Participating in the Peach State Southern Exposure

The Mighty Atlanta Select 15u COLLEGE Bound with Coach Woods will represent the organization in the Peach State Southern Exposure.

Let's cheer them on.

Just Go Select!!!


Atlanta Select Teams

Attention Select Family, Friends and Fans,

Three Atlanta Select teams are participating in the 9th Annual Super 100 National Championship this weekend.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u RED Select Elite with Coach Burton.

The Mighty Atlanta Select 16u HEAT with Coach Bridges.

The Mighty Atlanta Select Sons of Thunder with Coach Cooke.

Let's  follow the action and cheer them on.

Just Go Select!!!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Lady Selects Champions at the Beach!!!

Two Atlanta Select Lady Select teams traveled to Panama City Beach for the Memorial Day Weekend Battle at the Beach tournament. 

And both are CHAMPS!!!

Congratulations to Coach McCrae, his CADRE, his Parents, his Fans and of course his 
Mighty Lady Select RED and SILVER teams.

Just Go Lady Select!!!


Congrats to the Mighty Atlanta Select HEAT 16u

Congratulations  to the Mighty Atlanta Select 16u HEAT team, 
Trophy Winner,
 Third Annual Memorial Day Classic.

Kudos to Coach Bridges and his Mighty team.

Just Go Select!!!


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Congrats to the Mighty Atlanta Select 17u BLACK East.

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 17u BLACK East
 A successful  weekend at the Norm Parker MDC.
Kudos to Coaches JayBee and Rod Wells.
Combining their teams displaying true SYNERGY.

Just Go Select!!!


Friday, May 26, 2017

Atlanta Select NEWS, Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello Atlanta Select Family, Friends and Fans. 

This NEWS update is dedicated to GRADUATION and BASKETBALL. 
Two subjects that are dear to the mission of the Atlanta Select Basketball Association. 

Our mission is to successfully prepare young boys and girls, both academically and athletically, for the opportunity to pursue a degree of high education at the college level. 
Based on 3 pillars, - EDUCATION - LIFE SKILLS - SPORTS, with Education comes first!!!

As the last day of school for many of our student athletes we wish them much success in all of their future endeavors. 

We are proud to highlight several of our former players that are moving to the next level.

Derrick (DJ) Lottie, Jr.

Played for Atlanta Select for six years.
The Mighty Atlanta Select SILVER teams with Head Coach Baskerville and others.

Earned numerous academic and athletic awards over this period.
Next stop - Boston College.


Glenn Robinson
Played for Atlanta Select for 5 years.
The Mighty Atlanta Select RED teams with Coaches Jones and O'Dell Ferrell, Jr.

Earned numerous academic and athletic awards.
Next stop - Basketball - University of West Georgia.


O'dell Ferrell , III
Played for Atlanta Select Red Team.
Coached by his father O'dell Ferrel, Jr.
MVP for his high school team.
Next stop - Basketball -  Snead College .


Arrhen Fejokwu
Played for Coach Jason Ricker
The Mighty Atlanta Select CLASSIC team for two years.

An All-Star many times.
Next stop - Basketball - Maryville College.


Alex Watson
Played for Coach Burton
The Mighty Atlanta Select RED Elite

An All-Star many times.
Next stop - Basketball - Sacred Heart University


Just a few of many Atlanta Select student athletes that are graduating and moving to the next level. 
Congratulations and Good Luck to all.

Since the last NEWS update Atlanta Select teams have been in action and capturing trophies.

The Mighty Sons of Thunder have earned 3 trophies since the last update. 
They are leading the pack in the trophy count with 11 this season.
Congratulations to Coach Cooke and his Mighty team.

Just Go Select Sons of Thunder.


The Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select RED continues on their winning ways.


The Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select BLACK Diamonds continue on their winning ways.

Hope to be able to give an update on the ladies trophy count soon.


The Mighty 6th Grade NORTH earned number 7 last weekend.
Runner-up in the YBOA North Georgia Tournament.


The Mighty 9th Grade COLLEGE Bound won a championship last weekend. 
4 - 0 in the Georgia Invitational tournament. 
Playing in the MDC this weekend.


Numerous Select teams are playing this Memorial Day weekend.

Be safe and Good Luck.


Basketball never stops.

I was out of town for the last few days, traveled to Las Vegas to see my son Kenny Zeigler play in the National Ultimate Hoops tournament.

Kenny who celebrated his 36 birthday on last Tuesday still plays in a league under 
Lifetime Fitness. 


It is just for fitness and fun but his love of the game has lasted for 30 years. 
Rec Ball, AAU Ball, High School Ball, College Ball and now Ball for fun. 
Yes, Basketball never stops.

I guess that is why I am still interested in directing the Atlanta Select Basketball program after 26 years in the business, 13 as an Atlanta Celtics and 13 as Atlanta Select.

In Las Vegas, I ran into one of my former Atlanta Celtics player, Jamison ((Jamie) Brewer.
Jamie was on one of the first Atlanta Celtics team with my son in the early 1990's.

Jamie front row number one on the left.
Kenny second row number six from the left next to the coach.

Jamie now after an NBA career and working with youth teaching the game in Las Vegas,
 and playing basketball.

Kenny now, married with children and a Senior Manager with Samsung Electronics, 
and playing basketball.

As we wait for the NBA Finals next week let us continue to love the game.

And the Atlanta Select teams will be playing all summer.

Have a great weekend and Just Go Select!!!


A Proud Atlanta Select Coach!!!

I am proud of all my coaches in the Atlanta Select Basketball Association.  Proud of their dedication, commitment and professionalism....