Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Tentative Schedule - The Mighty Select Nation 12U RED Team

Head Coach Darroll Lawson has announced the Tentative Schedule for his 2015 Mighty Select Nation 12U RED Team.


3th ‐ 5th
Hoops 2 Dunk Cancer Classic
Suwanee Sports Academy

20th ‐ 22nd
Hardwood Classic
Mceachern HS
Marietta, GA


3rd – 4th
Norman Parker Showcase
Swanee GA
Notes: ESPN, HoopSeen, NCAA Scouts

17th – 19th
2015 Georgia AAU Boys Basketball
District (State) Qualifying Tournament
Milledgeville, GA


1st – 3rd
Bob Gibbons Tour
Suwanee, GA

16th – 17th
Primetime Sports
Suwanee, GA



11th – 13th
USBA State’s
Epicenter, Douglaseville, GA

19th – 21st
Only the Best (USSA)
Suwanee, GA Cobb

27th – 28th
Primetime Sports
Suwanee, GA


16th – 22nd
AAU 12U Division II
National Championship
Hampton, VA


22nd – 28th
AAU 12U Division I
National Championship
Hampton, VA

Select Nation 2015 Mighty 10U BLACK 2023 Team

The Select Nation 
Proudly Present one of the new teams in the organization for 2015
The Mighty 10U BLACK 2023


Thursday, February 26, 2015

TRYOUTS - The Mighty Select Nation 14U RED Team

Head Coach Chase Hines will hold TRYOUTS for his Mighty Select Nation 14U RED Team.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

10 AM - 12 Noon

Family Life Center
2715 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Feel Free to contact Coach Hines


Just Go Select!!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our 2015 Goals - Mighty Select Nation 13u COLLEGE Bound Team

The Mighty Select Nation 13u COLLEGE Bound team ( missing two players) at practice on Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015, set their goals for 2015.

They have 5!

1.  Have the Highest GPA.

2.  Average 50 points per game.

3.  Hold opposing teams to 35 points or less.

4.  Have less than 12 turnovers per game.

5. Become better players and people by the end of the season.

Our trophies earned will depend on reaching our goals.

Coaches Milton Woods and Michael Johnson

Just Go Select!!!


Monday, February 23, 2015

TRYOUTS - Mighty 14U & 16U Select VISION Teams.

Coach Wallace will hold TRYOUTS for his Mighty 14U and 16U Select VISION Teams.

Saturday, Feb 28, 2015
2 - 4 PM


Sunday, March 1, 2015
2 - 4 PM

KIPP Atlanta Collegiate HS
98 Anderson Ave.

Atlanta GA

$5.00 gym fee required.

Feel free to contact Coach Wallace at (404) 602-2989.

Just Go Select!!!


The Select Nation NEWS - Feb 23, 2015

Good Monday Afternoon Select Nation Family, Remember, these NEWS emails should be shared with your parents and players.

There is always interesting activity within the Select Nation. Things are happening and we make  things happen. Let's just talk about last weekend. I was out and about.

Friday night I visited Coach Ferrell at Rehoboth  Baptist Church in Tucker as he held TRYOUTS for his Mighty 16U RED Elite team. 

What a great looking group of young men that were giving it their all to make the team. He has a tough decision to make from a selection of extremely talented athletes. I spoke to the group and advised them that the 16U age group is very important because this is the age that many scouts start making decisions and athletes at this age must be seen. Coach Ferrell has planned an extensive Exposure schedule to give members of his team this opportunity. 

He held a second TRYOUT on Sunday and I think he has made his decision. He states no more TRYOUTS are planned.

On Saturday Morning I represented the Select Nation at the GA AAU Winter Meeting in Smyrna, GA. Feedback indicates that we are complying with the rules and ready for the 2015 season.  Highlights of the meeting were: 2015 Boys AAU District/State Championship calendar, the new AAU Eligibility requirements and the new reporting procedures for incidents/accidents and the associated insurance coverage. 

It is important that accident claims be reported on a timely basis, not months after the incident/accident occurred. A reminder that all coaches and players must have AAU insurance for the the coverage to be enforced. Please comply with these rules. Like I say, Just business.

On Saturday afternoon Coach Shepherd contact me and said "that the Mighty 8U Select Punishers are ready to start the season". 

The team has been playing in a winter league and has won the Fulton County championship.

 Now they are preparing for the State Playoffs in Gwinnett County on March 6. After that they will be on the AAU circuit. We will add they championship trophy to the Trophy Count, because they are Select!!!

The Trophy Count now is: 14. Only 86 more to go for our Select Nation 2015 goal of 100.

Coach Baskerville - 9U SILVER = 3

Coach Johnson - 14U COLLEGE Bound = 3

Coach Jackson - 8U SOUTH SIDE = 3

Coach Lawson - 12U RED = 2

Coaches Keown & Elston - 11U BLACK 2022 = 2

Coach Shepherd - 8U PUNISHERS = 1

On Sunday I made my rounds. First I stopped by the Highland Athletic Club in downtown Atlanta to observe Coach Glenn holding TRYOUTS for his Mighty 17U Select PRO team. 

What a crowd. He had Athletic Trainer, Bo Bell, assisting in the evaluation as he took pictures and videos of the action. He is confident that he can field a dynamic team.

I then drove to Snellville to see Coach Burton conduct his first official practice for his Mighty 15U RED team. Some big boys, I mean young men. You know Coach Burton, he is all smiles.

I also spoke to the players and told my story about "When Spiders Work Together They Can Tie Up A Lion". I am sure you know the story. Please use it as a Life Skills topic. Then Coach Sanders conducted a Life Skills session in which he talk about the P.I.E., the Life Skills topic for the first meeting in March. Check your handbook and/or a recent LOI. 

Then on to Price Middle School where 4 Tryouts were being held. Coach "AC" Christopher said his roster (The Mighty 15U SILVER) was complete and he was ready to finalize his uniforms orders and get started. 

You know, Coach AC is a football specialist and I am sure he is preparing a bruising team. By the way I also spoke to Coach AC 's team and told my same Spider story.

 He was followed by Coach Baskerville who was testing/trying out his Mighty 9U SILVER team. He has already earned 3 trophies for the season, leading the pack, and I am sure he is planning to lead it all season. His boys are jumping for joy.

 Finally, Coach Hill held his third tryout, planning to field two teams of the Mighty 16U SILVER. He reminds me of old times in which we were coaching together. We did not want to cut anyone and normally selected 3 teams. However, we had plenty of extra coaches. And that why we form the Atlanta Select, from those 3 teams. We felt that we needed to try to save as many souls as possible and give our young men the opportunity to play whether they were D I, DII, DIII or other material. They had a right to play and be seen. Just a little history.

 Coach JayBee Brown had his prospects for his 17U PRIME team join in with Coach Hill's prospects as they held a rough and ready scrimmage. I left before it was all over. Had to. I left home at 10 AM Sunday morning and I was ready to take a break after 9 hours. But I had a great weekend visiting our teams and feeling confident that we have a collection of great head coaches. Doing the Do. They are about business. They take charge. They are getting ready to represent. They make me proud to be a member of the Select Nation.

Over the weekend, Coaches Keown (Mighty 11U BLACK 2023), Coach Gray (Mighty 11U BLACK 2023) and Coach Hall (Mighty 14U PRIME) obtained their 2015 AAU membership. Congrats.

Coach Hines (Mighty14U Red0, Coach Spivey (Mighty 13U GRAND) and Coach Wallace (Mighty 14U & 16U VISION) plan to have tryouts this week. An announcement will be posted soon.

Several folks have contacted me expressing an interest in joining the Select Nation as coaches. I am waiting for their decision and will meet with them, if need be based on their decision, and then launched them as additional members of the Select Nation CADRE. What can I Say?

SYNERGY. Just Go Select!!!

Coach Z.

P.S. As I was leaving I met with Coach Keown (The Mighty 11U BLACK 2022). He was there as a parent as his older son was trying out for a team. He mentioned that he was extremely please that I had just informed the CADRE to have First Aid kits and CPR qualified personnel available at all times. 

He had an incident with a player at his last practice that caused concerned. He testified that he saw the need to be prepared for first aid. All is well with player and the player has returned to action. But some scary moments. Lesson Learned Folks. Be Prepared. We are not just another youth basketball organization. We are Select!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TRYOUTS - Mighty Select Nation 17U PRO Team

Atlanta Select 17U PRO

the 2015 Season's


Date --- Sunday, February 22th
Time -------- 10:45am

Location --- Highland Athletic Club
303 Parkway Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

The session will be conducted by Trainer BO BELL

 $15 session + $5 Club Admission

Coach Glenn is humbled to know that university Basketball letters of interest (exposure)
have been received by some of his team's players.
(Windgate University, UGA, Strayer University, University of Charleston, UNC,
University of Denver, Flagner University, University of Alabama)
"It is truly a honor to coach the Spirit of a player"

Coach Gary Glenn (678) 521-4733

Just Go Select!!!

Select Nation 16U SILVER 2015 Tentative Schedule

Head Coach Tony Hill has announced his 2015 Tentative Schedule for his Mighty 16U/10th Grade SILVER Team.

*March 13-15:    St Patrick's Day Basketball Championships
Atlanta, GA

*March 20-22:     Hardwood Classic
Cumming, GA

*April 3-5:           Invitation Augusta
Augusta, GA 

*April 10-12:        Ballers Showcase
Charlotte, NC

*April 24-26:        Hoop Group Jam fest
Pittsburg, PA

*May 1-3:             Bob Gibbons
Suwannee Sports Academy Gwinnett

*May 16-17:          Primetime Sports
Atlanta, GA

*May 23-25:          Memorial Day Classic
Orlando, FL

*May 29-31:         AAU GA State/District
Milledgeville, GA    

Team Camp TBA

*June 27-28:          Primetime Sports
Suwannee Sports Academy Gwinnett

*July 10-14:           Best Of The South
Suwannee sports Academy Gwinnett

*July 17-19:            Jay Williams (USBA) Showcase
Charlotte, NC

*July 21-27:           AAU Nationals
Louisville, KY

Just Go Select!!!

Kudos to Khalil Wallace and the North Atlanta Warriors Basketball Team

Congratulations to Atlanta Select's Khalil Wallace and the North Atlanta Warriors! They won the Region AAAAA Championship last Saturday, Feb 14, 2015. The team will be competing for the State AAAAA title, beginning Wednesday, Feb 18 at North Atlanta HS at 7 PM.

Khalil is a senior at NAHS and played with the Mighty 17U Select Nation VISION team last season coached by his father, Jamalh Wallace. 

Good Luck to Khalil and his teammates as they compete for the State Championship!!!

Just Go Select!!!

Here’s a Reality Check If You’re Aiming for a Basketball Scholarship. EVERY Aspiring Basketball Player NEEDS to Watch This!

Are you currently in High School, working your butt off aiming for that college scholarship to play basketball? Or do you know someone that is?

If so, you/they need to see this video.
Here is a reality check on what your actual chances are of getting that scholarship to play Division 1 basketball.
Here’s the maths:
  • There are currently 351 Division 1 teams that each offer 13 scholarships a year.
  • On average, that means there are 1141 available new scholarships each year.
  • However, 30% of Junior College/Prep School players take those scholarships (342 total) that leaves us with 800.
  • Additionally, 10% of all scholarships go to overseas players which means we need to take off another 114.
  • That leaves us with 686 players that Division 1 schools can sign directly out of High School in the US.
  • Now let’s do some sums. There are 38,400 public and private  High Schools in the US that offer a basketball programme.
  • On average, there are 4 seniors that play for each varsity team.
  • This means there are 154,600 High School Seniors, give or take, trying to get 686 scholarships.
  • The math on that? 0.4%. Yes,  as an American High School Senior you have a 0.4% chance of getting an NCAA Division 1 scholarship.
  • It gets worse though. Half of these scholarships will go to players 6’5″ or taller. So if you’re under 6’5″, reduce your chances to about 0.2%.
However, all is not lost. Division 2 programme offers 765 scholarships per year, and NAIA schools offers a thousand plus, half or full, scholarships. So in total this increases your odds to around a 1% chance of getting a scholarship to college if you’re a HS senior.
They say pressure bursts pipes or makes diamonds. The question is, are you going to use this as a sign you have no hope and give up, or use it as motivation to work even harder?

Just Go Select!!!