Friday, July 1, 2016

At The Car Wash - With Lady Select RED

Lady Select Red will have a car wash and BBQ fundraiser 
Saturday, July 2, 2016 from 12-4 pm
 At Epic Lounge and Bistro located at 
5495 Cascade Road, Atlanta GA 30331.

The proceeds will go to help the team travel to 
Washington D.C for the Nike Nationals and a possible Nike sponsorship.

Parents, friends and fans of Atlanta Select are invited to come out and 
show their support. 
Car wash will be $10. 
If you are not able make it you can donate on our website ( 
under the "Sponsor" tab. 

Epic will be open so patrons can enjoy music and BBQ while their car is being washed in an air conditioned environment.

Just Go Lady Select!!!


Monday, June 27, 2016

123, Yes, 123 Trophies Earned to Date this Season - On A Record Pace. Just Go Select!!!

The Mighty Atlanta select Basketball Association has captured 123 Trophies as of 
June 26, 2016.

Our goal for the season was 100 trophies by Sept 1, 2016. 
Yes we have passed that number by 23.

The record number of trophies in a season by the organization is 135 that were earned in our 10th anniversary season, last season. 
We are rapidly approaching that number with 3 months to go. 
Yes, We are getting better and better as an organization.
We added 11 trophies last weekend with 10 of the 11 as champions.
We earned our first National Championship last weekend.
Kudos again to the Mighty Lady Select BLACK Diamond Elite.

The Count = 123.

Coach E. Cooke 4th Grade Sons of thunder = 14
Coach G. Stewart - 4th Grade SYNERGY Select = 13
Coach T. McCrae - 8th Grade Lady Select RED = 12 
(A 58 -1 won/loss record)
Coach A. Mandeldove - 3d Grade Lady Select BLACK Diamond Elite = 9 
(USSSA National Champs)
Coach J. Baskerville - 3d Grade SYNERGY Select = 7
Coach A. Mandeldove - 2d Grade Lady Select BLACK Diamond The Future = 6
Coach P. Brown - 7th Grade Lady Select BLACK = 6
Coach R. Harris - 5th Grade SILVER = 5
Coach K. Jackson - 3d Grade South Side = 5
Coach A. Mandeldove - 4th Grade Lady Select BLACK Diamond Premiere = 5
Coach O. Ferrell - 11th Grade RED Elite = 5
Coaches Keown and Elston - 6th Grade BLACK 2022 = 4
Coach D. Lewis -7th Grade Lady Select WHITE = 3
Coach A. Mandeldove - 4th Grade Lady Select BLACK = 3
Coach J. Fann - 5th Grade BRONOCOS = 2
Coach Woods - 8th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 2
Coach J. Krantz - 4th Grade Roswell BOMBERS = 2
Coach T. Hill - 11th Grade SILVER = 2
Coach T. Burton - 10th Grade RED = 2
Coach Proctor - 7th Grade SYNERGY Select = 2
Coach Shepherd - 3rd Grade PUNISHERS = 2
Coach Woods - 6th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 2
Coach D. Lawson - 7th Grade SCHOLARS = 2
Coach Ricker - 11th Grade CLASSIC = 1
Coach Frazier - 7th Grade SILVER = 1
Coach Hall - 9th Grade PRIME = 1
Coach Morris - 10th Grade BLACK West = 1
Coach Wallace - 9th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1
Coaches Bridges and Lee - 9th Grade RED Alpharetta = 1
Coach Cooke - 3d Grade Sons of Thunder = 1
Coaches Bridgewater and Freeman - 8th/9th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1

Now a Little NEWS.

The Mighty Lady Select RED whose record as of June 26 is 58 -1 will 
have a car wash and BBQ fundraiser this Saturday July 2, 2016 from 12-4 pm at our restaurant Epic Lounge and Bistro located at 5495 Cascade rd Atlanta GA 30331. 
The proceeds will go to help the team travel to Washington D.C for the Nike Nationals and a possible Nike sponsorship. 
Please invite all teams, parents and friends to come out and show their support. 
Car wash will be $10 if they cant make it they can donate on our website under the "Sponsor" tab. 
Epic will be open so patrons can enjoy music and bbq while their car is being washed in an air conditioned environment.

Click on "Lady Select" on the home page

Coach McCrae


We are Atlanta Lady Select Basketball Association an AAU organization.  We have created our own brand. We are Black Diamond Family. Comprised of young ladies ranging from the ages of 5-12 years old.

We finished our 2015 Recreation season as runner up in the State Recreation tournament 8u Division. We began playing AAU last spring and have progressed to some truly high achievements. Our 1st & 2nd grade team (Future), is the #1 AAU 3rd grade Div. II team in the State. Our Black Diamond team is the #1 AAU 3rd grade Div I team in the State. 
We participate in the 2015 AAU Nationals Competition where teams from all over the country come together to compete for the title of being the best team in the country.  Black Diamond Premire finished 7th in the Nation in the 3rd grade Division. Black Diamond Future comprised of 1st and 2nd graders finished 11th in the Nations in the 3rd grade Division. In 2016 we finished as the #1 10u Recreational team in the State 

Our success has help us catch the eye of several talented players in the Atlanta area. We have now expand to 4 team.  Although we have the talent to come out on top, we are lacking the financial support to offer us a National level schedule.

We need your help! Our teams needs all the financial support available to meet our goal of raising $12,000.  Where we will be taking 3 teams to  2 Nationals Events in Nashville TN and Orlando FL to compete. Are you willing to help? 

Your contribution will help support traveling expenses, team equipment, and other expenses necessary to provide opportunities for our student-athletes. Our 501(c) number will be mailed to you alone with your receipt.

My team and I would appreciate any level of donations. Please help us bring home 3 National Titles!!! 
On behalf of Atlanta Select and the youth within my community, I would like to thank you for any assistance you can give.
Coach Dove
To All,
The month of July is the most important month for all AAU teams in the nation.

With that being said Team Select (16u RED) will get seen and ready to play.

Here is the schedule for July:
Sweet 16 Session II July 8 -10 Cobb Civic Center
Adidas Peach State July 14 -17, Augusta GA
Las Vegas 32 July 19 - 23, Las Vegas NV
We will have at least one or maybe two practices before we get going. I hope that each and everyone has been playing for there summer league high school team. Team Select has a chance to be sponsored next year so in July we will be playing to win. 

Coach Burton
Coach Vinson
Coach Sanders
Yes, Tournaments in July are Final Exams.
Nationals and NCAA Certified Events.
Nothing like participating against the best with the best after several months of preparations.
Atlanta Select, we are ready.
I am extremely proud of the success we have had all season. Just today I received a call from a parent nearly begging to join our organization. 
I am sure many of you are receiving calls.

Many of you are expressing the "growth" and development of your team. 
Coach Lawson stated that a team that defeated his team in the State AAU tournament fell to defeat by his team last weekend by 22 points.
Last weekend, to the best of my knowledge, every Select team that played earned a trophy. My count was 11 teams that won 10 championships and the 11 team came in second in the USSSA National championship.
Numerous Select teams are going to the AAU Nationals, YBOA Nationals, USSSA Nationals, Best of the South, Adidas Peach State, On The Radar Sessions I and II, Las Vegas 32 and many other Exposure tournaments.

I encourage all of you to do your best. But if you do not win another game this season, if your players are better academically, athletically and as productive citizens then they were on March 1 of this year then you are champions.
I am proud and honored to have such a dynamic cadre of coaches. 
Feel free to give them a call and wish them the best. 
It's the SYNERGY thing to do.

Atlanta Select Head Coaches 2016
8U/2d Grade Lady Select BLACK  Diamond Future –
Coach Mandeldove (678) 463-7587
9U/3d Grade SYNERGY Select – Coach Baskerville (404) 554 -7405
9U/3d Grade South Side – Coach Jackson (313) 910-5907
9u/3d Grade BLACK Diamond Elite –
Coach Mandeldove (678) 463-7587
10U/4th Grade Lady Select BLACK Diamond Premier –
Coach Mandeldove
(678) 463-7587
10U/4th Grade SYNERGY Select – Coach G. Stewart (404) 484-5310
10U/4th Grade Roswell Bombers – Coach Krantz (404) 431-3775
10U/4th Grade Sons of Thunder – Coach Cooke (404) 313-8200
11U/5th Grade Broncos – Coach Fann (678) 516-5213
11U/5th Grade SILVER – Coach Harris (404) 217-1897
12U/6th Grade BLACK 2022 _ Coaches Keown & Elston
(770) 676-4055 or (678) 462-0638
12U/6th Grade SCHOLARS – Coach Lawson (404) 543-2523
13U/7th Grade Lady Select WHITE – Coach Lewis (770) 330-5202
13u/7th Grade Lady Select BLACK - Coach Brown (404) 667-1752
13U/7th Grade SCHOLARS – Coach Lawson (404) 543-2523
13U/7th Grade SYNERGY Select - Coach Proctor (678) 437-8727
13U/7th Grade Xclusive - Coach R. (Shun) Jackson (678) 994-8999
14u/8th Grade Lady Select SILVER - Coach Lindsey (470) 328-0560
14u/8th Grade Lady Select RED - Coach McCrae (678) 437-7348
14U/8th Grade SILVER – Coach Frazier (678) 517-6120
14U/8th Grade COLLEGE Bound – Coach Woods (865) 243-7979
15U/9th Grade COLLEGE Bound West – Coach Wallace (404) 602-2989
15U/9th Grade PRIME – Coach Hall (404) 449-4364
15U/9th Grade HEAT - Coaches Stewart (470)-255-8742 and Coach Q Bridges 678-428-1698
16U/10th Grade COLLEGE Bound SOUTH - Coach Bridgewater  (770) 946-6444 and Coach Freeman (770) 298-6735
16U/10th Grade Lady Select Augusta BLACK – Coach Howard (706) 339-4510
16U/10th Grade RED – Coach Burton (678) 521-6225
16U/10th Grade BLACK East & West – Coach Morris (678) 613-7915
17U/11th Grade CLASSIC – Coach Ricker (678) 643-0134
17U/11th Grade RED Elite – Coach Ferrell (678) 478-4256
17U/11th Grade SILVER – Coach Hill (678) 521-4232

All I can say,
Just Go Select!!!
Coach Z.
(770) 808 - 4444 office
(770) 598-8511 cell

Not 9 but 10 Championships, Sunday, June 26 - Mighty 10u SYNERGY Select

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select 10u SYNERGY Select - Champions.
Kudos to Coach G Stewart and his Mighty team.
Tournament MVP - Dontae Potts-Heard
Just Go Select!!!

Second Place Not Bad at a National Tournament - Mighty Lady Select BLACK Diamond Premiere.

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select 4th Grade 
BLACK Diamond Premiere.
Black Diamond Premiere Team
Tyonna Martin
Tai Harvey 
Lindsey Miles
Nickyia Daniel
Precious Benford
Jayla Moye, 
Jania Akins

Kneeling ;
Jayla Bennett
Kirsten Usher
Jasmiane Merrick
Sanee Tripp 
Camille Files 
Randria Wilcher 

Taliah Cornish, Alika Daughtry 
Black Diamond Premiere fell short in the Championship Game to Indiana Flight, but to finish second in the National at the USSSA Championship is not bad. 
We can always say. Just Go Lady Select!!

Just Go Lady Select!!!

Number 9 of 9 Championships on Sunday, June 26, 2016 - The Mighty 14u Lady Select RED.

The Lady Atlanta Select Red team has done it again winning the championship in the 
Hardwood Classic. 
The team has bow won the championship in all of their tournaments and have a combined record of 58-1 (with a 56 game winning streak). 
Next is AAU Nationals, lets hope we can keep the streak alive.

Just Go Lady Select!!!

The Eighth Championship on Sunday, June 26, 2016 - Mighty 17u RED Elite

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select RED Elite with Head Coach Odell. 
The team will represent the Atlanta Select Nation in the Division I AAU Nationals. 
I think they are ready.

Just Go Select!!!

Number 7 (Championships) on Sunday, June 26 - Mighty Lady Select BLACK

Congratulations to the Mighty Atlanta Select Lady Select 13u BLACK Team with 
Head Coach Brown. 

Just undefeated all weekend.

Just Go Lady Select!!!