Monday, May 23, 2016

A Scholar - Ms. Ashley Hall. Just Go Select!!!

Congratulations to Ashley Hall - 
Top 6 in DeKalb County Board of Scholars

Ashley is the daughter of Head Coach and Mrs. Dwayne Hall.
Proud Parents of Course!
Coach Hall heads the Mighty Atlanta Select 15U PRIME team, Champions Big Shots - 
Atlanta Select Peach Classic, May 21- 22, 2016.

Atlanta Select NEWS, Monday, May 23, 2016

Dreams > Goals > Plans>Actions

After such a busy and inspiring weekend I cannot help but think

 "Why are we doing this?"

 Spending so much time with our youths, traveling all over the metro area to basketball games many miles from home.

The answer is simple, We care about our youth and we are committed to keep them busy in an activity that they like and that we are able to monitor their growth and development in a control environment - 
The Basketball Tournament.
Our children future and ours too, depend on the time we spend with them guiding their development and preparation for a challenging future society. 
We have no idea what we are they will face.  
But I reflect one a statement that a wise man said:

Thus, Atlanta Select must be true to its mission:

Our purpose is to use youth basketball as a tool to expand the horizon of young people.

The primary goal is to successfully PREPARE young boys and girls, both academically and athletically, for the opportunity to pursue a degree of high education at the college level.

Many of former student athlete dreams have come true.

Jaron Blossomgame 

Played for the Atlanta Select.

Played in College.

And dream to play in the NBA.

Of course in case of Jaron this may be an exception and not the rule.

But why not dream.

In addition to the trophies earned in Big Shots last weekend, our teams not in Big Shots earned another 6 trophies.

The Mighty 9u SYNERGY played in the YBOA State Championship, earning a trophy by finishing third and a bid to the YBOA Nationals.

The MIGHTY 10u SYNERGY Select played in the YBOA State Championship and won the championship and a bid to the YBOA Nationals.

The Mighty Lady Select 4th Grade BLACK Diamond Premier won the 
State AAU Championship.

The Mighty Lady Select 4th Grade BLACK Diamond Classic finished 3rd in the AAU State Championship and earned a bid to the AAU Nationals.


The Mighty Lady Select 3rd Grade BLACK Diamond Future won the championship at the Playmakers Battle Royal.

The Mighty 9u SOUTH Side earned Second Place honors at the Georgia Knockouts "Pink Out" Cancer Classic.

The Trophy Count  is 87

Coach E. Cooke - 4th Grade Sons of Thunder = 10
Coach G. Stewart - 4th Grade SYNERGY Select = 10
Coach T. McCrae -8th Grade Lady Select RED = 9
Coach Mandeldove - 3d Grade BLACK Diamond Elite 5
Coach Mandeldove - 2d Grade BLACK Diamond Future = 5
Coach Brown - 7th Grade Lady Select BLACK = 4
Coach K. Jackson - 3d Grade SOUTH Side = 4
Coach R. Harris 5th Grade SILVER = 4
Coach Baskerville - 3d Grade SYNERGY Select = 4
Coach Mandeldove - 4th Grade Lady BLACK Diamond Premiere = 4
Coach O. Ferrell - 11th Grade RED Elite = 4
Coach d. Lewis - 7th Grade Lady Select White = 3
Coaches Keown and Elston - 6th Grade BLACK 2022 = 3
Coach Fann - 5th Grade BRONCOS = 2
Coach Woods- 8th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 2
Coach Krantz - 4th Grade Roswell Bombers = 2
Coach Mandeldove 4th Grade BLACK Diamond Classic 2
Coach Hill - 11th Grade SILVER = 2
Coach Burton - 10th Grade RED = 2
Coach Woods - 6th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1
Coach Ricker - 11th Grade CLASSIC = 1
Coach Lawson - 7th Grade SCHOLARS = 1
Coach Frazier - 8th Grade COLLEGE Bound = 1
Coach Proctor - 6th Grade SYNERGY Select = 1
Coach Hall - 9th Grade PRIME = 1

Only 13 from our goal of 100 for the 2016 season.

The Mighty 7th Grade Lady Select BLACK with Coach Brown is preparing to go to the 
"Battle at the Beach" next weekend.However last weekend they took in an Atlanta Dreams game and was greeted by Dwight Howard who hung out with them for a while.


I close with a series of pictures of the Mighty Atlanta Select 10u SYNERGY.
They took their official photos recently. 
They will be lasting memories for these players for the rest of their lives. Some will say" Look children see what daddy was doing at your age".

May their dream come true.

So we as coaches must stay committed because 
we will make a significant impact on our players lives.

And these are the Atlanta Select coaches I am talking about.

Just Go Select!!!

Atlanta Select Big Shots Trophy Winners and Top Performers - Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Mighty Atlanta Select 15u/9th Grade PRIME
Head Coach Dwayne Hall
Champions in GOLD Division
Atlanta Select PRIME
Jared Whitehurst
The Mighty Atlanta Select 16u/10th Grade RED Team
Head Coach Tony Burton
Champions Gold Division


The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u SILVER Team
Head Coach Tony Hill

The Mighty Atlanta Select 17u RED Elite
Head Coach Odell Ferrell
Runner-Gold Division

Brothers Playing Brothers.
The teams played each other twice during the tournament.
RED Elite won the Pool Game 
SILVER won the Championship.

Tyler Thornton
Some Top Performers.

Atlanta Select teams earned 4 trophies during the tournament, three Championships and one Runner-up.

Congratulations to all the Select teams That participated.
The Mighty 16U COLLEGE Bound West.

The Mighty 16u RED team.

The Mighty 15u PRIME team.

The Mighty 17u RED Elite team.

The Mighty 17u SILVER team.

The Mighty 17u CLASSIC team.

The Mighty 14u COLLEGE Bound team.

The Mighty16u COLLEGE Bound team.

The Mighty 14u SILVER team.

The Mighty 12u BRONCOS team.

The Mighty Broncos and College Bound.

The Mighty SILVER and RED Elite.

Fellowship of Coaches

Support of Parents

Thanks again for supporting this effort and congratulations to all.

Just Go Select!!!